Tuesday, October 20, 2015

10+ Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas Plus More fall decor ideas!

Fall is here!  And I love to decorate for fall.  I use lots of leaves and pumpkins and it brings me all they way through Thanksgiving!  I am going to first show you this year's fall centerpiece and then I have lots of other centerpiece inspiration for you to look at after! 
I love love love how this looks on my table.  The touch of green with the real paints is perfect! 

1. First start out with a plant (can be any fall plant... I choose succulents because they are hard to kill).  Next I just plopped it into a pumpkin vase/container.  You can get one just like it at ProFlowers.
Next I made the leaf "runner" I put quotations around "runner" because it is not actually sewn together just place one leaf on top of the others- super simple!  You can do this! 

1. Cut out leaf silhouettes (google leaf silhouettes in the google images and print off if you need to.) 
2. Trace onto felt
3. cut out
4. Use a permanent  marker to make the leaf veins and you are done! 
Layer the leaves on top of each other to create a runner look. 

Here are other easy Fall Centerpieces: 

More Decor ideas:

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srpprcrftr said...

What an incredible collection of awesome table decorations, loved them all. If I had a table would make the runner but maybe can put it on my portable kitchen island. We don't have eating area in our house, we eat in living room all the time. What can I say this place we could afford to buy so made a concession about the no eating area. I had to get rid of my buffet/hutch and table/chairs. Not easy but why keep what there's no room for. Had our table, etc. in mud room but it's just too darned small so sold furniture, ugh.
I will pin few of your great decoration ideas so I can maybe make them myself. Glad you featured them for us all. Happy daze to you and yours.
(it's just two of us old folks so not a big deal about no dining area)

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