Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon Training Picnic (#StreamTeam # Netflix)

Thank you to Netflix for sponsoring this post. As part of the Stream Team I get to talk about a theme each month.  This month Theme: Dragons!
Netflix has a new series Based off the the hit movies: How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 called Dragons: Race to the Edge, and my kids are loving it! It is easily their favorite show to watch now.  I mean what is not to love about Hiccup and Toothless?! 

As part of the the Netflix Stream Team, I got a box full of goodies to help celebrate the new Dragons series!  It came with all sort of fun stuff, but the map is my kids favorite.  It is so cool to see them play with the map creating their own adventures. 

To join in on their fun I decided to have a dragon picnic. 

After consulting my mom and sister (my creative team!), I came up with a fun menu.  All super simple- because I do not have time to sculpt Toothless out of brownies!  I made ship sails out of paper and toothpicks. 

The kids (needless to say) LOVED it.  The thought it was so fun to eat picnic style on the floor.  We ate on our Dragon blanket (part of our box of goodies) 

And because no picnic is complete with out a game, we made up a Dragon Racing game. 
In the 2nd movie they have Dragon races where they collect sheep for points and the black sheep is worth 10 points.  In our game we hide square legos (Use what you have) as our sheep.  The Golden lego is the golden sheep and it is worth 10 points.  I hide the legos around the yard (think Easter Egg hiding).   I hide the golden "sheep" harder since it is worth more.   The kids decorated their stuffed animals to be their Dragons and they race around the yard finding the "sheep" and bringing them back to their buckets.  We play several rounds.
My daughter named her dragon: Fireball and my son named his dragon: Tornado Fire. 

Have your kids checked out Dragons: Race to the Edge yet?  Have you had any Dragon adventures? 

Monday, July 27, 2015

3 Easy and Cute ways for Box Top Storage (#BTSLikeABoss)

  Who is ready for back to school?  It is easy with Back-To-School at Walmart!
Part of me is ready to have the kids back in school and part of me wants to suck up the last bits of summer! Either way- it is time to start to get ready!  If we are going Back-To-School... we should do it like a boss!  We do that by saving time on buying school supplies AND collecting Box Tops to give to the school! 

Shopping for Back-To-School is sometimes such a hassle!  But if you go to a one-stop-shop like Walmart you can get all your school supplies PLUS your household needs too!  We like to buy packs of Kleenex for the kids classroom each year because I know the teachers need it!  
And RIGHT NOW- Walmart has special 3 packs of Kleenex with BONUS BOX TOPS!  They also have special packs of Viva Paper Towels with extra Box Tops as well.  It is a win-win!  You get paper supplies for either you house or kids classroom PLUS Extra Box Top to help support your school! That is how we do it LIKE A BOSS!  They has special Bonus Box Tops on several items all around the store!

Since you will be collecting so many bonus Box Tops you will need a cute way to store them.  I have 3  easy and cute ways to store your Box Tops!

1. Reuse a food container. 
I cleaned out my container.  Then I used an Exato-knife to cut a slit in the top.  I used Duck Tape and Washi Tape to decorate.  

2. Re-use a Crystal Light container:
Just cover with cute paper and add an embellishment with the a Box Tops Label.

3. Use a Canning Jar
Just replace the inside part of the lid with cute card stock and cut a slit into the top for the Box Tops.

Now it is your turn to go Back-To-School Like a Boss (#BTSLikeABoss)  Go and Share your stories here on how you ROCK Back-To-School!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Easy DIY Personalized Water Bottles (Back to School Craft Lighting!)

 After the 4th of July- Target switches their seasonal aisle to Back-To-School... so it is time to start getting ready to send those kids back!  This month's Craft Lighting theme is Back-To-School!  

I pack a lunch for my kids everyday and I like to put a water bottle in it.  I found these little water bottles in a 2 pack at the Dollar Store -two for a dollar- yay! But I also know that my kids are forgetful and I would like there to be a chance they could get their water bottle back if they forgot it so I personalized it with their names and a favorite character!   It is SUPER EASY! 

Here is how you can make your own. 
1. Gather your supplies: Water bottles, Temporary Tattoos, Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl (I get mine from Expressions Vinyl)
2. Cut out your letters.  I use my Silhouette Cameo.
3. Place the letters on the water bottle.
4. Cut out the Temporary Tattoo
5. Use a wet, warm paper towel to adhere the Tattoo to the water bottle. and you are done!

I got the water bottles and the temporary tattoos from the dollar store and I already had the vinyl form other projects.  So, I was able to make these for $1 per bottle.  

The Tattoos totally stick to the water bottles!  They will wash off in the dishwater though... which I am ok with.  The letters stay on.  I got a pack of 28+ Temporary Tattoos at the Dollar store and I just stick on a new one once I wash it.  The kids like that it changes.  I usually use a bottle for a week in their lunch bag and then wash it.  

Glad to be part of:

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

UrthBox -Healthy Snacks delivered to your door! With a COUPON!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UrthBox for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
undefinedAs a mom I am always trying to find healthy snacks for my kids to eat.  It seems to get health snacks I need to go to 3-4 stores.  I just cannot do that with 3 kids in tow.  That is why I am so excited for UrthBox.  UrthBox is a subscription box that delivers healthy FULL size snacks and beverages to your door.  No running around!  So easy!
Here is how it works:
This is going to be the future of snacking and a great way to swap out the junk snacks with tasty Non-GMO, Healthy and Organic alternatives! undefined

It is a great way to find new health foods, snacks and beverages for your family.  I love it when things are super easy!  And since the snack a covered I can focus on more healthy foods for our meals when I grocery shop!

AND you can get a $5 off coupon by using the code: CRUNCHWEEK.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Easy DIY No-Sew Pennant Banner

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Faultless/Bon Ami Company    for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
 Faultless Premium Spray Starch is a great way to keep your clothes looking their best.  It is the starch that performs so that you can look your best!  And when you look your best, you can feel your best and preform your best too!  The Faultless Premium Spray Starch bottle will not clog, flake or stick, unlike other brands.  You can find Faultless Premium Spray Starch in the laundry aisle of most major retailers.
Faultless Premium Spray Starch not only makes your clothes look like new, it is also useful in sewing and crafting... in this case a none-sewing craft!  

Here is how to make your own:
1. Gather your supplies:
Fabric 1/4 yard (You could also get a fat quarter if you don't want to get it cut)
Binding (found at fabric store by the zippers)
Paper for template
 Hot Glue
2-3 Create your pennant template.  Fold a piece of paper in half and use a straight edge to make a triangle shape like the one below.  Then open it up and you have your template.  Put aside.
4-5 Iron your fabric and binding with Faultless Premium Spray Starch.  Just spray and iron. This is so helpful.  It really gives the fabric a great look and it also gives it the stability that it needs to hold it's shape.  And it makes the cutting so much easier!  
Use your template to cut out your pennants.
Option 1:
Using your Faultless Premium Spray Starch, iron the rough edges over to make a fake hem.   Again the starch gives it the stability and strength to help hold it's shape.  You only need to do the 2 sides going down... the top will be covered up.
Option 2:
You could use pinking shears to cut your your pennants to make sure no fraying happens. 
Open up your binding and place your pennant inside.  Use Hot glue to secure it to the inside and fold the binding back over.  I start at the middle and work my way out on either side evenly spacing the pennants.  You could also sew it instead of glueing it... but I was going for no-sew!  
And done! 
These are great for kids rooms, parties, home decor, gifts, showers!
Ready to try out  Faultless Premium Spray Starch?
Here is how you can 
find a store
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Follow them on Faultless on Facebook  for tips and tricks!

How do you look and feel your best?  Share you tips and trick below! 
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