Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy DIY Princess Dress-up Aprons Tutorial {remixed}

I have made Dress-up Princess Aprons for years now.  But I have decided to remix the tutorial a little bit and show you how easy it is to alter it to make it what ever princess you want!   

Here is how you make this version:

You will need:
2 colors of Felt
1/4 inch Elastic
Sewing machine with sewing tools: scissors, thread, needle etc

1. Cut the different pieces:
8X8 inch square
2X42 inch strip
Two 16X28 inch rectangles (one in each color) 

2. Take the top color, fold in half the long way, and cut out a rounded triangle shape.  Open it up and place it on top of the bottom color and place the strip on top of that and sew across the top and down the sides.

3. Take the square and fold it in half and cut out a heart shape top.  Open it up and place it right sides together on to the top of the strip- make sure to line it up in the middle. 
4. Cut a 10-12 inch strip of elastic and sew it to the top back side of the the heart shape neckline.  

Too cute! 

I made a bunch of them for my daughter's Princess Birthday Party (Post coming soon!) 
Honestly- how cute is this picture?!  

Here are other Princess Aprons I have made... as you can see you can change or add your own spin onto it! 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Easy to Sew Dress (#SteamTeam, #NetflixKids)

Thank you to Netflix for Sponsoring this post
Ok- Lovely Readers - I am going to show you THE EASIEST dress to sew in the entire world.  No lie!  It is so easy!  Because mom's wanna have fun and not spend all day sewing!  We are girls too right?!

Here is how to make it. 
1. You will need a t-shirt and this already gathered fabric (I found mine at Joann's).  This fabric is the key to the easiness to this dress! Measure your daughter's waist before you go to the fabric store- this stuff is prices per inch - so you just want to get what you need.  It is not super expensive (especially when you use a coupon!) but it is just easier not to have a lot of waist! 
2. Fold in half and sew down to side to make a skirt. (You could just be done here if you just want a skirt... but with 2 more steps you can have a cute dress!)
3. Place your t-shirt in your skirt (with the seam in the back) and pin in place.  I pinned on the sides to keep it in place. 
4. Sew on the top of the dress.  While you are sewing stretch out the skirt so that the elastic is taunt- this will help the t-shirt gather in the right places.  Sew all the way around the skirt.  I used a small zig-zag stitch but you can also use a straight stitch.

Now put it on your daughter and play some Girls Just Wanna Have Fun music! 

Doesn't the Hello Kitty pattern flash you back to the 80's?  Netflix's stream Team theme this month is Totally Tubular - a throwback to the 80's!   My kids are loving watching all my favorite cartoons.  Every night before the kids go to bed they want to hear a story about when I was a little girl.  So, they got so excited when they found out they could watch the same shows I did when I was little. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

Here are some other fun ways to flashback to the 80's: 

Make your own Jello Pudding Pops

Do you remember watching Jem and the Holograms and sining with them?  Or were you a Smurfs Fan?  What were your favorite 80's shows? 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Silhouette Heat Transfer April Promo

My favorite thing to use my Silhouette for is Heat Transfer!  I am totally addicted!  It is such a fast and easy way to personalize something and be able to say "Yeah - I made that!"  

To get this deal just click HERE and use the code FIREFLIES at the check out!

This month I used it bring some spring-style to an Easter Dress I made out of my husband's old dress shirt. 
I used Blank Slates Fresh Bloom Frock dress pattern to make this dress. 

Heat Transfer is so easy to use. All the directions are on the box but here is the run down: 
1. First pick your shapes and cut them out on the silhouette.  If you are using words make sure you mirror image them before you cut or it will turn out backwards (learn from my mistakes!) You want your Heat Transfer to be shiny side DOWN.
2. Weed the heat transfer (remove all the stuff that is not the shape you want) and place in on our item.
3. Put a cloth over it and iron it for 30-45 seconds with your iron on the cotton setting. 
4. You can even layer colors! 

And you get totally cute! 

You don't need a silhouette to use the heat transfer.  
I made this pillow before I got mine! 

Here are some t-shirts I made for my cousin for her birthday:

And I added some to this Party Dress I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday:

I also love to make Christmas Shirts!  here are the ones I made for this year: 

See I am totally addicted and I think you should be too! 

Here are the April Promo details running April 21-30:

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1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics
$269.99 (MSRP: $364.96)

1 Silhouette Portrait
1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics
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All Heat Transfer materials will be 30% off as well!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Family Easter Event {Walk With Jesus}

It's Good Friday and I am sharing with you an Easter Family event we did at our church.  Pin it for next year! 
I helped plan a family Easter event at our church.  We wanted to go deeper with families on Easter then the normal Easter Egg Hunt {which we also do}.  We wanted to provide parents a way to share the Resurrection Story with their kids.  We used Group's Walk with Jesus (I am not affiliated with Group) as a base... but we changed it up a bit.  Group's version is more large group story telling and we wanted it to be more one-on-one with the parents telling their kids the info.  

We set up 5 stations... kind of similar to Stations of the Cross but made for families. Each room was decorated like the places Jesus went on his way to the cross and resurrection.  We provided a scrip for the parents with the verses, a short narrative, some questions to talk about and also an action to be done at each station.  Most of our narrative and questions came from Groups Walk with Jesus so I will not be sharing that part of it since it is copyrighted. 

Station 1 - Palm Sunday
Decor: A path - could use butcher paper - some rocks and trees.  We set tables on the side of the room to decorate the palm leaves. 
Verses: Luke 19:36-40 

Action: we had the kids write praises to Jesus or draw a praise picture on the palm leaf.  They then laid it on the path and said "Hosanna!"  

Station 2- The Lord's Supper
Decor: table set with plates, bread, cup of juice and other table decor.
Verses: John 13:1-17 

Action: we had chairs set around the outside of the room and wet wipes set on the floor.  We had the parents wash their kids feet and say "Follow Jesus because He loves you!"

Station 3 - Gethsemane
Decor: Trees, bushes, twinkle lights. We had the lights off since it was supposed to be the middle of the night. 
Verses: Matthew 26:36-56 
Action: We had groups of chairs set up for families to pray about a tough situation the kids may be going through.  We also had them talk about hard times and how God helped them through it. For older students (middle school and adults) we had them pray for the people suffering around the world. 

Station 4 - Good Friday
Decor: Cross at the front of the room. 
Verses: Matthew 27:32-44
Action: Write a sin down and tape it to the cross.  

Station 5- Resurrection Sunday
Decor: We had large stone walls (made from Styrofoam panels) from an early VBS event so we used those to create the tomb.  We used a kiddie pool wrapped in paper to make the rock.  I also created a small indent into the room using more stone walls. we placed a small bench inside with some cloth to show that it was empty.  
Verses: John 20:1-16 
Action: We ordered the dissolvable paper from Group.  We had everyone write down their sin from Good Friday on the paper, put it in the water and watch it dissolve.  

Some hints to help you set up your own:
  • Use what you have:  Our church had a lot of props that we used to help set up the rooms.  I bet yours does too! 
  • Have groups of chairs in each room so that there is a spot for the families to sit together and read the script.  We did this in a few of the rooms but the rooms that did not have them it was hard to talk as a family
  • Have a host for each room.  We didn't this year but it is in the plan for next year.  Some one to help families get started, keep them moving, and keep the supplies in order.
  • We had some back ground noise in each room to help so that you are not hearing everything the other families are saying.
  • Use a Bible version that is family friendly, like the message or New living, something that the kids can understand when you are reading it to them. 
This was  a great event to get families to talk about the real meaning of Easter/Resurrection Sunday.  It was a great way for the kids to see and experience some of the stories they have heard about.   We went with our kids and it was a little over their heads (we have a 6, 4, and 1 year old) but it was still good to start the conversation.  My 6 year old has heard all the stories but it was good to get him to think about how to apply it to himself.  I also liked that these stories were coming from me and not just the Sunday school teacher.   It is a good thing for your kids to hear your faith from you too! 

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