Tuesday, March 31, 2009

F&J Parties!

We love to get to know our readers!  Here are some ways to get involved here at F&J!

We have a Show Off Your Stuff Party Every Thursday (Starts Wednesday Nights)

Follow me on Pinterest!
Follow Me on Pinterest

We started a Fireflies and Jellybeans Flickr Group! We would love for you to join and post your pictures of projects you have made from our tutorials!

I am a DIY Club resident Blogger! Come join the the fun every month!

We were featured!

Here are some of the AWESOME web sites that featured us! If you featured us and we missed it let us know and we will add your button!

The Girl CreativeSITM Featured Button  Life in the Pitts Totally Tutorials BlogU CreateVisit thecsiproject.comThese Magical YearsSisters Stuff I was featured button CraftGossipVisit tatertotsandjello.comExtreme Personal Measures



Here is a list of all our Tutorials. We tried to organize them somewhat for you all!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Advertising on Fireflies and Jellybeans!

We are excited to offer advertising on Fireflies and Jellybeans!
**To ensure that our readers are getting the best experience possible Fireflies and Jellybeans is looking for FAMILY FRIENDLY sites and shops.**

Why should you advertise on Fireflies and Jellybeans?
* We have over 2600 followers, over 3400 Google readers, over 1100 Facebook Likes  and over 4000 RSS  subscribers that check out our blog regularly!
* Here are our monthly states: 102,630 page views, 51,119 Absolute Unique Visitors, 66,723 Visits {2152 daily visits}  (All stats are from Google Analytics as of Nov. 2011) 
* We post at least 4 times a week - meaning that people will be coming back regularly to see what's new!
* Fireflies and Jellybeans is featured on many of the big creative blogs. This means that the more exposure we get, the more exposure you get!
* We work really hard to promote our blog. We are always trying to find new ways to bring visitors to our site.

Here are our current options for advertising:

Your link and button will appear at the bottom of each post saying "sponsored by:" This is a great option to advertise to those who read Fireflies and Jellybeans in a "reader" or thorough e-mail {I currently have over 4000 subscribers}!

Sponsor a weeks worth of posts for:
1 week: $25

125X125 button link or Text link on my sidebar: 
$20 per month

A Sponsor spotlight post: I will write a post spotlighting your shop or site. I will include pictures and product information as well as lots of links to your shop or site!  Cost is $50.

Giveaways are going to be very limited:  For whatever reason, my readers are not big into giveaways... they respond better to a Sponsor Highlight post (see above).  So, for now, I am reserving the right to limit giveaway to only REALLY BIG giveaways.  The item that is being given away must be valued at over $100.  Cost is $50.

We also love to write reviews for products and websites! Our opinion will always be honest! Cost is $50 for my time.

Please E-mail us at firefliesandjellybeans@gmail.com to get more details on this great opportunity!


You can click on the Tutorials Button on our side bar for a complete listing of ALL of our tutorials!

Here are some of our MOST popular tutorials:

Book Page Wreath

Scrabble Tile Ring

Repurposed Romper into long sleeve shirts


Welcome to Fireflies and Jellybeans.

We are Fawnda and Jeannine, best friends, and we run this blog together! 
 Our blog name is after our names... Fawnda and Jeannine... F&J.... Fireflies and Jellybeans. 
 In case you were wondering, now- you know! ; )
Here are some random BFF facts about us:
  • We have known each other since Kindergarden and have been best friends since 7th grade.  
  • Jeannine technically got deported from Germany coming home for Fawnda's wedding.  It was OK since she was coming home anyway, but it was scary for her none-the-less!
  • We pranked one of our friends once by mailing him Fawnda's dead fish (don't worry, we put it in a plastic bag first).  He never found out it was us and he blamed someone else for years and years.  We didn't have the guts (pun intended!) to tell him it was us in the end. 
  • We went to the same college, but we were never roommates to save our friendship!  It worked! :) 
  • In junior high we would call each other every morning and talk on the phone for a 1/2 an hour before school.  Then Jeannine would walk over to Fawnda's house and we would walk to the bus together.   
  • We celebrated Christmas Eve-Eve by having a sleep over every year up until Fawnda was married.  We still talk on the phone on Christmas Eve-Eve! :) 
  • Even though we live states apart we talk on the phone regularly and keep up through e-mail and blogging! 
Here is a little about Fawnda;

Hello, I am Fawnda, I live in the Twin Cities Area of Minnesota, and have my whole life. I have been married to my wonderful husband since 1998, and have 3 kids -  2 kids adopted from Korea  and 1 biological son. (1st son- born 2008 and 2nd daughter born 2010 3rd son born in 2013). Before kids, I was a middle school math teacher, and I still have a passion for middle school kids and teaching so I plan to return to that field once my kids are older.

I have always loved being artistic and creative. When I am not creating, sewing, or crafting, I enjoy reading, watching a good movie, cooking, playing out side with my kiddos and talking on the phone (I LOVE to talk on the phone, I could do it all day... wait - sometimes I do)  Some of my favorite things include: new clothes, summer, Harry Potter, sleep, and peanut butter! I am on Pinterest here, and Twitter here. And F&J's FaceBook page is here!

Here is a little about Jeannine:

Hi, I’m Jeannine. I grew up in the ‘burbs of Minneapolis, and migrated to Northern Indiana in 2000.
It is here that I met my husband, married in 2003, and have since acquired 5 beautiful children. I
say “acquired” because they came to me by different means. My oldest is my husband’s {which makes her my step daughter, but she lives with us full time so I get to claim her}, the next two are mine biologically, and the last two we fostered from birth until we adopted them in 2011. We are a multi-racial, blended family, and I love it. I also love all kinds of art, gardening, photography, “green” living, healthy eating, coffee, camping, and anything “outdoorsy.”

I’m not as crafty as Fawnda (but someday, when the kids are older and I have more time, I hope to be), though occasionally I come up with an easy craft or activity to share. With my busy household, I’m always looking for easy, healthy recipes, organizational ideas, and simple, fun things for my kids to do. I love being part of this blog, hanging out here in the background. You can find my family blog here, and my photography blog here. I am also on Pinterest and Facebook!

We love to read comments, so let us know if you like something!

If you would like to contact us with project ideas, questions or sponsorship, here is our e-mail: firefliesandjellybeans@gmail.com

Fawnda and Jeannine

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