Friday, July 29, 2011

Paper Mache' Wall art for the DIY Club!

Another sweet project for the DIY Club!

I love how this wall art turned our for my sweet girl's room!  The theme is butterflies.  I love the mix of the old time book pages and the graphic modern flowers...

Here is what you will need to make your own!
An old book {that you are ok with tearing the pages out of}
Decoart Paint
DecoArt Decoupage
Styrofoam square discs
Cutting Edge Stencil


Christmas in July with The Gunny Sack

Welcome to Christmas in July! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we have Tonia from The Gunny Sack
Hello everyone, I am ecstatic to be at Fireflies and Jellybeans for Christmas in July!  My name is Tonia and you can find me at:

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and am married the most wonderful man, Brian.  On my site, I post crafty tutorials, sewing tutorials, fun ideas for the youngsters and delicious recipes.

Vintage Felt Ice Skates

 Draw the outline of an ice skate with a large paperclip as your guide for length.

Fold the piece of paper in half around the paper clip.  Then, slip the paperclip out and cut out the skate shape.

Trace the skate pattern on a piece of white felt (or whatever color you choose) and cut it out.

Slide the paper clips onto the felt pieces.

Glue the skate around the paperclip.  I used tacky glue this time but will use a hot glue gun the next time I make them because it will dry faster.

Using embroidery floss, sew laces on the ice skates.

Attach 2 mini pom poms with hot glue.

Tie the laces together.  Leave the skates this way for a Christmas ornament.  Or if desired, attach them to a key ring.

If attached to a key ring, the felt ice skates can adorn a purse or backpack for some Christmas cheer!

These are a few of my tutorials at The Gunny Sack:  Wire Memo Board, Leather Sunglasses Case, Yarn Bowl and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  I would love for you to stop by my site and thanks for checking out my Christmas In July tutorial today!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paper Flowers for the DIY Club

Here is a fun project that I did for the DIY club!  HUGE paper flowers!  

Here is what you need:
Decorative Paper from CanvasCorp
Adhesive Cork stock from CanvasCorp
Twine from CanvasCorp
Decorative Clothespins from CanvasCorp
Glue Gun
Paper cutter/Scissors
{ignore the thread!}

Christmas in July with All Things Random and Beautiful

Welcome to Christmas in July! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we have NJ from All things random and beautiful
Hi, I'm NJ and I blog over at All things random and beautiful. I dabble in a little bit of crafting, which is a recent hobby and a lot of baking, which I enjoy very much! I hope that you will stop by my blog and check out some of the random things I enjoy doing.

I am so excited to be part of the 'Christmas in July' series, particularly as its the first one of its kind I've attempted and am so thankful to Fawnda and Jeannine for having me here.

Back along when I first started crafting a few months ago, I came across a tutorial for a jersey knit bracelet on V and Co's website. When I first tried one, I tucked away a thought to try and make one with a chunkier fabric for Christmas as a DIY wreath and I had the perfect green cardigan which had seen better days, that I used for this project!

I cut six strips from my cardigan. Approximately 1 inch wide and 48 - 50 inches long. You so don't have to be accurate with this, a bit here and there does no harm. 

Then fold over the end of the strip and cut out an eyelet like so. Do this for all of your strips.

Now, the actual finger knit is very easy to do, but not so easy to explain in I'm linking you into a video that the lovely Vanessa has done at V and Co here.

I did a two finger knit for this and it started to look like this.

When I'd finished, I tied off the knot and had a wreath like so.....tie up the ends together to form a little loop so that you can hang it up.

I had some pine cones lying around which were collected by little miss J on a walk one afternoon.  I brushed them with some watered down PVA glue and then dusted them with very fine white glitter.
Then I made some rosettes with red felt, which I learnt from my friend Isa (full tutorial here), and dressed it up with some silver little glue for a festive look!

Some hot glue helped stick it all up to my fabric wreath and tada - an upcylced Christmas wreath or you could make a smaller circle and use it as a candle holder!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Show Off Your Stuff Party # 85

Welcome to the Show Off Your Stuff Party!
The Place where we all get together and SHOW OFF OUR STUFF!

Make sure you check out the Christmas in July series!
We have tons of great Christmas projects for you!

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Here is the run down:
1. Pay attention! There are 3 categories to link up:
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pick one and go with it!

{If you pick the wrong one... you can delete your own and add it to the right one! :) }

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Christmas in July with Creative Southern Home

Welcome to Christmas in July! A fun Series to get us all inspired for my favorite holiday!
It is never too early to start planning for Christmas!  
Today we have Anne from Creative Southern Home

Hi, I'm Anne from over at Creative Southern Home
I am so excited to be visiting today.

I love to come and visit FIREFLIES AND JELLYBEANS to see what great ideas are being featured, so what fun it is to be able to share a Christmas project with you today.
I have fallen in love with all the throw pillows that have huge flowers sewn on them. They are so flirty and fun. So I decided to make one with a Christmas theme.

Today I am going to teach you how I made a Poinsettia Pillow cover. By making just a cover for a throw pillow you already own you save money by not having to by a new pillow form, and you save space because you don't have to store a big pillow that you only use for a few weeks a year.

You will need:
-a length of red felt (enough to cover both sides of your pillow and make petals)
-red thread
-yellow scraps of fabric
-yellow thread
-cotton balls
I purchased 5/8 of yard of Felt for my project. I chose felt because it leaves a nice edge that you don't need to finish.

I started by measuring the pillow I had, in this case 21" square, then adding an inch to give room for me to sew a seam. So I cut one square that was 22"x22" for my front pillow piece. (Your measurements will be for the pillow you have.) 
For the back I wanted to make a place where I could just slip the pillow in and have it close up with out having any ties or buttons.
So for the back of the pillow I cut a 25"x22" square the give me some extra length. Then I cut off a 10"x22" piece off of that. This is going to be the space that the pillow will slip in. The extra length lets it overlap so it will cover the whole pillow. (I hope that isn't too confusing)
After looking at a silk poinsettia I had I free-handed a petal and cut it out of newspaper to give me a template.

I pinned the template to my fabric that I had triple folded so I wouldn't have to cut out so much.
When you cut out your petals be sure you use your fabric wisely and place your template right up against your last cut. You will be able to make more petals out of your fabric this way.

To give my petals more life, I took them to the sewing machine and ran a gathering stitch with red thread. When you gather, put your stitch length on the highest length you have (mine is a 4) then sew the line that you want without back stitching at the beginning. This will allow you to pull the threads and gather the fabric. I sewed right up to about 2" from the point of the petal, and then I back-stitched to keep my line of stitching in place.
I then pulled one of the threads at the bottom to gather the petal a little. When I had my gather as I liked I tied the threads together at the bottom so the gather would stay.

I found the middle of the front piece of my pillow and then placed my petals around the center and pinned them in place. Then I took it to the sewing machine and sewed just the bottom of the petals.

I then added another layer of petals until I gained the look I desired. Each layer sewn just at the bottom of the petals.

When I had my petals in place I took some yellow scraps of fabric and cut 2" diameter circles to help form the middle of my poinsettia.

I took a needle and thread and ran a running stitch around the perimeter of the circle. Then stuffed each circle with a cotton ball (it was the perfect size). I then sewed up the back of the ball and hand sewed it to the middle of the flower. I used eight balls in total.

After the poinsettia was completed I sewed the pillow cover together. Front to back, right sides together. for the back I pinned the two pieces to the front overlapping them in the middle for my opening to stuff the pillow in.

I sewed up the seams and trimmed the corners. This helps it not to get too bulky in the corners when you turn it right side out.

Turn your pillow cover right side out and stuff your pillow in.

Now you have a beautiful and festive pillow to add to your Christmas Holidays. It is easy to
make, easy to put on and easy to store.
I am a HUGE fan of Christmas I would love to check out some of the projects I did last


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