Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Wonder Women Tank Top (#SuperHeroing)

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We have been Super Heroing with Big G Cereals.  Now, through April Select Big G Cereals have FREE Justice League Comic books inside, plus fun Super Hero Accessories on the back of the box.  My Son has been into Super Heroes for a while now - but my daughter (almost 4) is just getting to them.  And she LOVES the girl ones- Wonder Woman being her favorite!  So we worked together to make a Wonder Woman Tank Top. 

How to:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Awesome ways to do Science with Kids (#SteamTeam, #NetflixKids)

This month's Netflix Stream Team topic is Science!  How fun!  I have gathered a bunch of fun science experiments/project to do with kids along with some great kids show that encourage kids to do science! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Start your morning with Big G Cereals and Super Heros

This article is sponsored by General Mills
Super Heroes are the thing at our house.  I mean we do not get through the day with out mentioning super heroes.  My son's favorites are Batman, Superman and Green Lantern.  That is why we are so excited about the Justice League making an appearance in our favorite Big G cereals!  

DIY Crinkle Ribbon Baby Blanket Toy

A friend at our church is having twins.  It is so exciting because it took a lot of work to get these babies, and we are so happy for this family!  I always like to give a something hand made when I give gifts so, I made these crinkle ribbon blanket toys.  They are great because they can loop to a stroller, carseat of swing  or come along with the baby.  The crinkle adds another sensory aspect that babies love!  

Here is how to make your own. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Netflix Stream Team

We love movies in our house... like we are either watching movies or quoting them.  As a mom I do limit the amount of screen time my kids have but you can bet that as soon as they are in bed we are usually watching a movie or TV show.

That is why I am so Excited to be part of the new Netflix Stream Team!  Each month I will be blogging about a Netflix Stream Team topic and have some fun family movies to suggest to you too!

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