Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show Off Your Stuff Party #68!

Hello and welcome to the Show Off Your Stuff Party! The place where we all get together and SHOW OFF OUR STUFF!

Here are the rules:
1. Link up a post that you want to show off!
If you get the wrong one... that is ok you will get it right next week! ; )
Don't know where to put it... just pick on and go with it! : )

2. Add a link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

3. Please do not link up to something that you are just trying to sell. (If you are making it as a tutorial and selling in your shop as well that is fine.) This is not the place to advertise. Thanks :) Please don't make me be a meanie and delete these!

4. Link to this party from your post so everyone can get in on the fun. You can just grab my button!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

$3 Plush Easter Backpack!

Here is the project that I posted over on the CSI PRoject in case you missed it!
We do all sorts of thrifty crafting over at F&J, so I had to take up the $5 challenge!  Actually $5 is a bit pricey for me so I made an Easter project that cost only $3!
Here is a SUPER cute alternative to the Easter basket.  It is an Easter Backpack.  My kids are obsessed with backpacks. They love to wear them, put things in them, and take the off to leave on the floor for me to trip on!  I found these cute plush Easter animals at the Dollar Store thought "Why not make them into a backpack?" {does anyone else's brain work this way?!}

Here is what you will need:
1 Plush animal (Dollar Tree $1)
1 Set of 2 bandannas (Dollar Tree - $1)
1 Roll of ribbon (Dollar Tree $1)
Sewing supplies {Thread, sewing machine, scissors...etc} (Have on hand - $0)
Total cost = $3

1. Fold one of you bandanna in half and lay your plush toy on it.  Cut the bandanna off 3-4 inches below the plush toy. 

2. In each of the bottom corners cut a 1inch X 1inch square out. 

3. Now we are going to sew a casing for our ribbon.
Flip your bandanna over to the back side and fold down 1/2 and inch bigger then your ribbon.  My ribbon was 5/8th of an inch so my casing was about an inch.
Sew the casing.

4. Now we are going to take some stuffing out of the plush toy to make it fit on the backpack better.
Cut open a seam on the toy... I found the neck was the easiest.  I used seam ripper and scissors to help.
Take out the stuffing from the belly, but leave it in the head, arms and legs.
Whip stitch the opening closed.  It does not need to be fancy since it will not be showing.

5. Now we are going to attach the toy to the fabric. 
Place your toy on to ONE side of your fabric (On the RIGHT Side)
Sew across the neck and legs.
Since we took out the stuffing it is do-able... you have to stuff it in your machine... and you feel a little weird about sewing across the bunny's neck, but it is for a cute cause so you move on!

6. Now we are going to sew the back together. 
Fold your fabric over the plush toy so that right sides are together.  Sew down the sides and bottom, but NOT THE CORNERS!!  Also stop sewing when you get to the casing.
 7. You will need another opening on your casing on the other side of the back as well.  Cut a small whole on the side opposite of the other open part of the casing.  You can also use Fray Check or Clear Nail Polish to make sure the hole does not fray.
 8. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon that are each 3 feet long (36 inches)
 9. Pull on of your ribbons completely through one hole on one side of your casing.  (I use a safety pin to help)

10. Repeat the same thing on the other side with the other ribbon.
 11. Put your ribbons into the INSIDE of the bag and pull about 1/2 an inch out of the square opening on the bottom of the back.  Square off the ends of the bag and sew the ribbons in the seam.  repeat on the other side.

Turn your back right side out!

 I also tacked the head to the top of the bag to help it stay up.
 Pull on your ribbons and your have a cute Drawstring backpack  with an Easter plush toy on the front!

 You can make a second one for only $1 more!  You can use the 2nd bandanna and the left over ribbon from the 1st one!  That is two Easter backpacks for $4!! 
 With all that money your just saved you can find some cute things to put inside! 
 These little backpacks are the perfect size for 1 - 4 years olds!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

The Return of Iron Crafter??????

I have been a total slacker when it comes to the Iron Crafter.   We had 7 great rounds and then I took a 4 month break.

Did you miss it?  Should I bring it back?  What kinds of Secret ingredients do you think we should have?  Talk to me!


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