Thursday, November 28, 2013

Snowflakes Everywhere! {HUGE Silhouette DEAL!!}

There is a huge Silhouette promotion is going on right now!  If you have waited for the BEST deal ever to buy a Silhouette machine... this is it!  More details at the bottom of the post! 

I made some easy Snowflake Decor with some Silhouette's silver and gold vinyl.   
I try to keep the christmas decor simple each year so not to clutter the house.  I love to use silver and gold, since red and green seem a little in-your-face.   I also like to use snowflakes because they last until March (or May in Minnesota!).

First I set my width and height.  I used the 9 inch vinyl so I set the height to 9" and I thought that 2 feet was long enough so I set the width to 24"
Then, I used the assorted snowflakes and made them different sizes.  I cut them out of the silver and gold vinyl... the same snowflakes for both.  I just recut the same shapes. 

I peeled and sticked (stuck?) them to the wall. I started at the middle of the snowflake and worked the bubbles out each side.

I love that they are not permanent!  Just take them down when you need to! 

Once you have some snowflakes cut out you will want to put them everywhere!  

Having a holiday party?  Customize some mugs with some vinyl.   

Or add it to a lamp(shade)
I love that I change this out for each holiday or season!

Now the Silhouette deals
You must use THIS LINK and the code: FIREFLIES for the deals to work!

Here is the rundown:
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A home tour of Fawnda's House

We finished a bunch of project this spring/summer.  So I thought I would show you some pictures our our house.  I don't have before pictures of everything...but I will show you the ones that I do have.

The living room: 


Hard to believe it is the same room.  We moved the toys out, got rid of A LOT of furniture, painted the walls (Sherwin-Williams popular gray)  and woodwork (White), and got the hardwood floor refinished.

The Kitchen:


We painted the walls (popular gray) and painted the cabinets white.

The Dinning room:
(no before pictures) 
We got rid of some furniture and also painted one of the walls (popular gray)  It is right off of the living room.  

The Master bedroom:
(No before pictures)
We painted, and added the bottom paneling.  We got new carpet.  We also added the plantain shutters on the windows.

The boy's room:
We didn't change much in here... mostly just moved furniture around.

The Girl's room:
No changes here. 

The Sun Room and backyard:
We rearranged our furniture out here and it added so much space!  We LOVE this room and spend as much time as we can during spring/summer/fall! 

Here is the front of our home.  
A few years ago we added a stall onto the garage (it only has a 1 car garage when we moved it).  At the same time we painted, added the front porch, and the stone to the house.  

It seems as if we are always working on our house some how... but right now we have all of our projects done...for now!

I hope you enjoyed a little look into our home.  We will be decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving so I will try to remember to show some pictures then.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Show Off Your Stuff Party # 186

Welcome to our Show off Your Stuff Party!  
Every week we come together to show off our stuff!

 It is time to party!

Here is the run down:

1. Pay attention! There are 4 categories to link up:
Crafts and Sewing
DIY and Home Decor
Inspirational/Creative Writing

pick one and go with it!

{If you pick the wrong one... you can delete your own and add it to the right one! :) }

2. Add a link to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

3. Please do not link up to something that you are just trying to sell, other link-up parties or your pinterest page.

4. Link to this party from your post so everyone can get in on the fun. You can just grab my button!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

6 great photo deals for the Holidays!

Here are some holiday photo deals for you that I have just found!  Click on the pictures to be taken to the deals!

Need cards?  Try Picaboo... I have used them before and they turned out great! 
{Expires: 11/13/14}

I have also used Vistaprint... we used them for my son's birth announcements and LOVED them!  Here is a sweet deal for you! {expires: 11/22/13}

Or Try York 
I haven't tried them yet but you can get 10 cards for FREE! {expires: 11/30/13}

Or a designer ornament for only $3!{expires: 11/30/13}

or a FREE photo book! {expires: 11/30/13}

Or FREE prints! (for new customers only!) {expires: 11/30/13}

Photo gifts are the best at the holidays so I wanted to pass these sweet deals on to you!  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ribbon Light Garland and a Pinterest Party (with Michaels Craft Stores!)

Thank you to Michael's Craft Stores for sponsoring this Pinterest Party! 

Michael's Craft Stores is challenging us all to not just pin it - but to MAKE IT!   We spend hours on Pinterest pinning things to make and then never get around to it.  So, I got some of my girl friends together and we had us a little Pinterest craft party! 
Michael's supplied all the party accessories... I have a confession:  I got the box of party supplies in the mail and my kids saw the balloons and they never made it to the party.  I mean balloon are hours of entertainment for my kids! 

Did you know that Michael's makes custom party accessories?  Yep- Michaels offers customizable party supplies like cups, napkins and balloons available online to personalize your event.  How fun is that?!
I pinned this picture 2 years ago... perfect for this challenge!  
 The original post is from Whitney Caroline Designs.
It looks like there was a slide show that maybe showed how she made it but it has been removed so I included directions below on how we made it.  

I was having such a fun time at the party I forgot to take many pictures... bad blogger!  But here is a run down of what happened:
I invited some friends over to craft with me.  Since I was providing the crafting supplies I ask everyone to bring a snack to share.  It was great fun just sitting and crafting and chatting!  A much needed girls night!  

Here is our version of the Ribbon Light Strand.  
We added some glitter tulle to it and it added so much!  It just glitters in the light! 

Here is what you will need:
1 strand of lights
a bunch of ribbons and tulle.
(all my supplies were bought at Michael's!)

I did some math for you. 
We figured that 2 ribbons per light was good.  Each ribbon had to be at least 6 inches long in order to tie a good knot.  For 100 light strand, 200 ribbons at 6 inches each is 1200 inches which is 33 1/3 yards of you want to make sure you have at least 34 yards of ribbon...better make it 35 just to be safe. 
The original ribbon garland from the Pinned picture above, I think, has 4 ribbons per light so that would mean you would need 70 yards of ribbon per strand. But 2 ribbons per stand looks great and full enough! 

now you...cut out you ribbons!
and then you tie and tie and tie and tie.... 2 ribbons between each light.  If you want to short-cut it you can just do 1 ribbon in between the lights... then you would only need 17 yards of ribbon.  Some of the ladies at the party did only 1 ribbon between light and it still looks beautiful so go with what you want! 

This garland looks good ever where... get ready for picture overload! 
Here is one of the other garlands that was made at our craft night.  
She is using it around her centerpiece on her table.  Just simple mason jars and some lights make this an AMAZING centerpiece! 

and now back to my garland!

Follow the hashtag #MPinterestParty to see how others are making their pins a reality

The Michaels D├ęcor Guide has tons of ideas and projects to make spreading the holiday cheer throughout your house easy. Navigate through the online version, download a copy, or pick up one at your local Michaels!

Disclaimer: Michael's provided a gift card for the craft supplies... all my opinions are 100% mine! 

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