Thursday, November 12, 2015

Easy Shell Christmas Ornament (15 minute craft!)

So, glad to be joining in Craft Lighting this month again!  This time the theme is Holidays! 
Growing up my family always got or made ornaments that had to do with what the past year held.  So, I wanted to carry that on with my kids.  A few years ago we went to South Carolina (to visit my sister) and collect a bunch of shells from the beach.  So at home we picked out some shells and decorated them for our tree. 

It is super easy to do! 
1. Select your shells.  I liked to find ones with holes in them already to give a place to tie a ribbon but it is not necessary.
2. Paint the shells with either glitter paint or any color that matches your docore.  We liked gold/ glittler red and silver.   Get the kids involved! 

3. Let dry and attach the ribbon.  If there is not a hole just use hot glue! 
4. Hang on the tree.

Since it was the babies first Christmas we made a little shell baby too, by glueing a couple shells together and adding a face! 

Happy to join in the fun!

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