Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Friday, October 30, 2009

And The WINNER is...

The winner of our All Children's Furniture giveaway is....

Number 37....

BJ_Mama said...The red retro kitchen is AWESOME!

Congrats BJ Mama you are now the proud owner of Melissa and Doug Clay Kit!

I will be sending you an e-mail soon to get your information!

For those of us who did not win... we can still head over to All Children's Furniture and buy some cute stuff for our little ones!

Featured Friday- Therapeutic Crafting

Hello Everyone! Today we have a very fun and crafty lady -Brenda - from Therapeutic Crafting

I am so excited for you all to meet her!
Hey hey! I am Brenda- AKA Brenbren. I am a huge fan of Fireflies and Jellybeans! I am so excited to be a guest blogger. This is my first time doing this! YIPPEE! There is a first time for everything.

I starting crafting/ designing when I realized it was therapeutic for me. I have struggled with severe depression since I had my little girl. Creating with my hands brings me so much peace. That is why I named my blog, drum roll please...............Therapeutic Crafting Creative, I know!

My favorite post is the Reading Corner. I created an area where my kids can read and I can read to them. I am an avid reader. SO this was a pet project for me.

To stick with the Halloween spirit, I really had a lot of fun decorating this year. I made a few Halloween decorations. Check it out HERE and HERE.

Last but not least, Mother-daughter blankets. We made the blankets right before she started her first round of chemo and radiation.

So, come visit me at I would love to get to know more of you. I would love for you to read my story of how the title for my blog came to be.

Thank you so much Fawnda for allowing me this opportunity to blog swap with you. Have a great day!
I will be posting the winner to our giveaway at 3 PM today so stay tuned for that!

Also you can still link up to our Show Off Your Stuff Party HERE,. You can also check out some AMAZING links!

Interested in blog swapping with us? It is fun and easy! Just e-mail me at and I can tell you all the details!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Show Us Your Stuff Party!

Hello and Welcome to the Show Us Your Stuff Party! I am so excited to be hosting!

Link up any post (old or new) to show off your stuff! It can be anything that you want to show off!

It could be pictures, a post about your fun family vacations, a craft tutorial you made, a craft you made from a tutorial, a rehab, redecorating a room in your house... and on and on!

Here are the rules:

1. Add a permalink to your specific post, not the main page of your blog.

2. Link to this party from your post so everyone can get in on the fun. You can just grab my button!

That is it... so easy!

I will go first to show you! I am linking up my MYO Baby Dell play laptop I made for my son!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Forget!

Tomorrow is our Show Off Your Stuff Linky party! Get ready to link up your post, look at other's fabulous posts, and have a grand ole time!

Also ,tomorrow is the last day to enter our giveaway for this great Melissa and Doug Clay Set.

Enter the giveaway HERE!

AND... Tomorrow is the last day to enter in the raffle at Life According to Leah. The raffle is to earn money for their adoption. You could win a really cute lunch set!

WOW! Tomorrow is a big day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

MYO Baby Dell Play- Laptop

The keyboard on our laptop totally wigged out one day. When I would press one key, two letters would type out, and some keys would not type out at all. The "I" Key did not work... but when I pressed the "U" key it would type "ui" so I would have to type the "u" key if I wanted an "i" and then delete the "u" . The "K" key would type "jk" and so on... NOT COOL! My WONDERFUL hubby called up Dell to tell them of our keyboard woes. To fix our problems, they sent us a NEW keyboard to install at no fee (Because it was covered under our warranty)

The keyboard came in this box. When my son (20 months old) saw the keyboard he was so excited. He loves to push all the buttons. My Wonderful Hubby installed the new key board and gave the old one to our son, who was happy to play with it. I wanted to give him the full laptop experience so I made him his very own Babee Dell Laptop :

Here is how I made it:
Box with lid attached
Old keyboard
Black paint
Mod podge
silver marker
(ignore the hot glue gun... I did not end up using it)

1.)Paint the box black in the inside and outside. On the inside I did not paint where the keyboard was going to be since that was going to be covered up. Wait for paint to dry before painting the other side.



2.) Using Mod Podge glue on your photos in a collage. This will be for the screen. My son loves to look at pictures of himself so that is what I put on. Wait for the mod podge to dry.

3.) Brush Mod Podge over the pictures to protect them.

4.) Glue the keyboard to the box. I have my keyboard on top of the foam that came in the box it was shipped in. I first used hot glue and that did not stick... so I need to try a different kind of glue... I think that i am going to try rubber cement.

5.) Use your silver Sharpie to design the top of the laptop lid. I copied my Dell Laptop. I used a ruler to outline the top. I wanted to use the "E" in Baby so I could match the "E" in Dell... But Hubby thought that "Babe" Dell sounded like it was for a hot chick, not a baby...
So I added another "E" to make it Babee Dell:
6.) I used my silver sharpie on the inside to outline the screen and label the laptop as my son's.

I found an old mouse (does the fact that I have a bunch of old computer parts at my house make me a nerd?) and tucked the cord behind the babee laptop so that my son could get the whole computer experience!
My Little King LOVES it!
Now when Mommy is typing at her laptop, Baby is typing at his! And the best part about it is.... It did not cost me a penny! I had all the supplies on hand! Woo Hoo!

I am linking to:







Saturday, October 24, 2009

Baby Shower Baskets

For this Spotlight I have 2 tutorials that I used to make 1 fabulous craft!
I took this tutorial from infarrantly creative

and combined it with this this tutorial from Make it and Love it

And made these cute baskets for a baby shower that I went to!
I sewed the bear parts to the liner (The above tutorial hot glued them to the baskets) I got the bears and the basket from the dollar store and the fabric was on sale for $3 a yard (and I only need 1/2 a yard) so the total cost for one basket was $3.50. What a deal!
one for a baby girl:
one for a baby boy:

Filled with diapers and wipes and these cute onesies
The mommy's-to-be LOVED them!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Friday- Live Learn Love

I am excited for you to meet our next blog swapper!

But first I have some blog business that I need you to know:

1.) Don't forget that we have a fabulous giveaway going on HERE... be sure to leave a comment to get entered!

2.) Leah at Life According to Leah is having a raffle to earn money for thier adoption. What is she raffling off? ---you might ask... Well- A beautiful set of 1 lunch bag and 2 matching snack bags made by yours truly! Since my son is adopted I knew I wanted to help out their family any way I could. So go there now and enter her raffle!

3.) Next thursday (10/29) is the Show Off Your Stuff McLinky party. Start thinking of a post you want to show off!

Ok Enough business!
Meet Annette- the master mind behind Live, Learn, Love
Hi! I'm so excited to be featured here on Fireflies and Jellybeans! Isn't this a great place to come for inspiration? Thanks for having me!

I am the wife of Derek and mom to two children ages 3 and 1. Live, Learn, Love features my own crafts, as well as my three year old's. As a former teacher, I love to teach my children and it's always fun to share about what we do together. I also share our struggles and triumphs of our daughter as she overcomes her speech disorder. In addition to crafting, I love to read. Since time doesn't always allow it, I often listen to audio books in the kitchen. They make washing dishes and cooking dinner so much more pleasant!

My children are my biggest crafting inspiration. During high school and college I was pretty creative, and art classes were a great outlet for me. Recently I have found my passion for creating again. I like paper crafts and sometimes even sewing. My only problem with sewing is the many battles my little machine and I have. Sometimes we just need a break from one another!

Come on over to Live, Learn, Love for a visit! Here is a taste of what you will see.

The Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets

Family Tree

Stitched Card

Thanks again for having me! This was lots of fun!

Annette is pretty great- isn't she?!?! Be sure to head over to Live, Learn, Love and see my post!

Are you interested in doing a blog swap with us? Just send me an e-mail and we will set up a date!

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