Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY Coasters (15 minute Craft: Teacher Appreciation Gift)

I love my kids teachers. They work hard and do a fantastic job!  I am a teacher too, so I know how much they put into it.  So I always like to get them something to show our appreciation.  Teacher Appreciation week is May 4-8th so you have time to make this! 

Here is an easy DIY for you to do to show teachers that you appreciate them.  DIY Coasters paired with a cute glass, some straws and a fun beverage... to show that you know they deserve a break for all the hard work they have done.  This gift uses Oil Cloth since it is water resistant.  You can find it at Joann's (by the home decor fabrics- you may need to ask someone) but they have a limited selection.  I got this print from Oil Cloth By the Yard.  Lots of cute patterns! 

Here is what you will need to do:
1. Gather supplies: 1/4 yard Oil Cloth,  1/4 yard Felt, Sewing machine and other sewing tools.
2. Trace out the coasters.  I used a coaster I had as a template but you could also use a cup.
3. Cut out 4 of each out of the felt and the oil cloth (or more if you want).
4. Use a zigzag stitch and sew around the edge as close to the edge as you can get.  Since the oil cloth and felt do not fry you can leave unfinished edges out.  

And your done!  I got this cute glass much from the Dollar Tree and the Paper straws from Target.  I added lemonade mix to complete the gift! 
Here is a printable you can add to the gift! Just right click and save the image.  

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Angie Holden said...

So cute! Thanks for joining!

srpprcrftr said...

Great idea for any occasion, just cause. Love such easy and quick gift to make. Thanks for cute printable also, can be used for multiple occasions. Glad you shared this. Happy weekend.

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