Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Easy Personalized Baby Blanket Tutorial {Fake Quilt DIY!}

My mother-in-law makes amazing quilts... me - I totally fake it! 
 I FINALLY made my son his personalized blanket.  I mean he is 9 months old!  I did make this for Christmas.  It was my only handmade gift this year.  Have 3 kids under 5 is kicking my butt so, the handmade gifts were out this year... but this was easy so it sneaked it's way in!  If I can make this... you can too!

I have made this kind of blanket before with the help of Modern Parents Messy Kids tutorial.

Our son's name is Evytt (pronounced Ev-it)
 and I made sure to get all the important birth info on here too!  

It looks like a quilt...but really it is one piece of fabric that I got printed from Spoonflower!  
I made the print with PicMonkey.  (I will show you how below.)
I backed it with minky because it is so soft. 

Do you have to let your baby chew on beads necklaces to make them happy... or is it only me? 

Here is how I made a print on PicMoney.  
I opened their collage editor and choose the 3X3 square layout and I used their pre-made swatches for the patterns.  They have a bunch of different themes to choose from so you can match many different color schemes.  I went with a blue, gray and red one.   

Once you get the layout the way you want it you can hit the edit tab to add your text. 
Save it to your computer. 

Go to Spoonflower and order a yard of fabric with the picture centered. While you are waiting for your fabric to be shipped to your house go and get your batting, and backing. 

I pretty much follow the tutorial from MPMK to make the blanket... but instead of making a bunch of small stitches I top-stitched in the tic-tac-toe patten of the squares. 

I am happy and the baby is happy! 

And... we are outta here! 

I made this baby play mat a few years ago using the same tutorial.

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Jennifer Dawn said...

This is a fantastic idea! I love PicMonkey, but I never thought that you could use it to make a quilt. Fantastic! I'd love for you to share this at my weekly link party. Hope to see you there!

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