Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Glow-in-the-Dark Eyeball Pumpkin {Tutorial}

Super easy to make this creepy pumpkin!  

1. Supplies: Faux or real pumpkin, Martha Stewart Glow-in-the-Dark découpage,  Martha Stewart Eyeball Decoupage paper cut outs, brush
2. Brush on the decoupage onto the pumpkin, then onto the back of the eyeball paper.  Place the eyeball onto the pumpkin and brush more decoupage on top.
3-5 I placed the large size eyeball first and then the medium sized one and then filled in with the little eyeball.
6. Coat over the entire pumpkin with the glow-in-the-dark decoupage.  I ended up doing 5 layers because I really wanted it to glow.  I used a blow-dryer to speed up the dry time.

It looks creepy during the day...

And really cool creepy at night when it glows! 
{You just need to give it a good charge under a light to get it to glow.}

Check out more fun projects on the 12 Month of Martha Pinterest board!

***Disclosure: I was supplied with the Martha Stewart craft supplies but my opinions are always honest!***


Laura S Reading said...

This is a different look.

I can see using these products to create an alien lifeform.

Crystal said...

Love this pumpkin! :-)

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