Friday, March 29, 2013

Stencil Tote Bags {#12monthsofMartha}

***This post is written as part of the 12 months of Martha program.  I get craft supplies from Martha Stewart Crafts for free to create fun crafts with.  All my projects and opinions are 100% mine.***

It's that time again... the time of month where I show you some awesome craft supplies from Martha Stewart as part of the 12 months of Martha program I am in. Here is this month's loot:

Stencils and paint!  How fun!  And I knew just want I wanted to make with them.  But first these are all available at Joann's, Michael's, and

Here is what I used the stencils to create:
These are going to be gifts for my son's preschool teachers at the end of the year as a thank-you gift.   I needed to make them now since I probably wont have much time once the baby comes.  

Here is what you will need:
Martha's Stencils
Craft Paint
Tote bag

I made three bags... I am going to be lame and just leave pictures as the tutorial (Pictures are worth 100 words right?!)  But some pointers before I move on:
  • Make sure you place some cardboard inside the bag so that the paint doesn't seep through.
  • I tape my stencils in place so that they don't move on me while I am applying the paint.  
  • Use and up and down dabbing motion when applying the paint to the stencil.  
  • The stencil pack that I am using has big shapes and some background shapes that i used together to create the patterns.  
  • Be sure to Heat Set your paint by placing some fabric over the paint and ironing over it.  Use the iron setting for the type of fabric that your bags are made of.  This will make sure your paint doesn't come out in the wash.

Bag 1

How to:

Bag 2

How to:

Bag 3

How to:

Check out more Martha Stewart craft ideas here!

Michael's has a coupon for  30% your entire Martha Stewart Craft paint tools and accessories purchase!  Find it HERE!

***Disclosure: I was supplied with the Martha Stewart craft supplies but my opinions are always honest!***


Unknown said...

Cool project! I love MS stencils.

Christine said...

Love the totes!!!

Katie said...

great job on your totes!!!

Katie said...

great job on your totes!!!

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