Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Tulips

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Tulips are my favorite flower.  I love the simplicity of them!  Give me tulips over roses any day!   Tulips are easy to take care of and last up to a week!    That is my kind of flower!  So for Valentine's Day I would much rather get a bunch of tulips over any other flowers.  So this Valentine's day I challenge you to think outside the box and use cut tulips in you decor!   I did and i LOVE the results! 

Here are my Love Tulips:

Here is what you will need:
Tulips - found at most grocery stores, garden centers and flower shops
Bud vases - I used small milk glasses
 Etched Glass Vinyl and Red Vinyl (I buy my vinyl here)
Yarn or baker's twin
Here is how I put them together:
1. I cut out the letters L O V E out of my glass etched vinyl and placed them on my vases   This stuff is great!  It looks just like etched glass but it is vinyl- no mess and I can remove it if I want to later too! 
2. I cut out some small hearts out of my red vinyl and put them around my letters
3. I wrapped around my yarn at the top of the vase and tied it off.
4. Filled with water and added my Tulips! 
Here is a close up of the etched glass vinyl... it is very subtle... but that is what I like about it! 

This is an easy to way to dress up a mantle or shelve for Valentine's day!  I love having fresh flowers around - especially since winter last so long here in Minnesota! 
Here are some other easy ideas to use tulips in your decor:
Use 2 vases (a bigger and smaller one) place the smaller one inside the bigger one and put heart candies around it.  Then put the water and tulips in the smaller one! 
Color the water with food coloring.
Use some pom-poms or lace trim to a decorative jar and add the tulips to it! 
Find more fun ideas on Pinterest!

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Mariaelena said...

So festive for the upcoming holiday...super pretty!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

So cute and pretty! I love tulips!!
xo Holly

Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Beautiful! Love it! :)


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