Friday, December 23, 2011

Post Of Christmas Past: Vintage Photo Gift tags

As you are wrapping your last minute gifts you may need some cute gift tags! Last year I made these cute gift tags and everyone LOVED them.... I am making this this year too! 

Here is a cute photo tag that you can make for FREE!! 
Vintage photo tags made from a paper bag.  Yep!  I printed these tags off on to a paper bag that I had.  Cute and recycled!

You can make you own too!  I am going to show you how I made these by using Picnik.  Picnik is an online photo editing site.  It helps make your photos look like professionals!  If you have not used Picnik it is really easy! 

1. Open picnik and upload your picture.  Open your picture to start editing it. 
{feel free to play around with it a bit if it is your first time on the site.  There is an "UNDO" button that you can use to get back to your orignal picture.}.
Under the EDIT tab you want to select the COLOR button.  Once you have selected the COLOR button pull the SATURATION bar all the way to the left to make your photo black and white.  Press OK.

2.  Now press the EXPOSURE button.  Pull the CONTRAST bar to the right.  You can decide how far you want to go, depending on your picture. Press OK.
  I pulled mine pretty far over but not all the way to the end.

 3. Now we are going to work under the CREATE tab.
First we want to add a border.  Go to frames... and there is a boarder option about 2/3rd down the page.  You have some decisions to make about your boarder.  Play around with it and decide what you like. 
 I  made the outside boarder WHITE (that way you can write on it) and the inside boarder Black.  I also made the caption height as big as it would go to give room for the text. 

Next we are going to add the text.  Press on the TEXT button. You can choose your font and the color.
  I just wrote TO: and FROM:

4. Now you are going to save it back to your computer.  Go to the SAVE AND SHARE tab. Decide what you want to name your file and save it to your computer.  Make sure to remember where you save it to so you can find it later.   

5. Open your picture in a word doc.  Click on INSERT - down to PICTURE - to FROM FILE.  Now find your picture that you just saved and open that.

6. Crop your picture to the size you want.  Then cut and paste to fill the page. 

7. Cut up your paper bag into 8.5X11 rectangles.  Use a piece of paper as a template.   

8. Put the paper bag paper into your printer and print your tags on to it.  

10. Cut them out and put them on your gifts!  

Totally CUTE, totally GREEN and totally FREE! 


Karen said...

Love that idea! I love how it looks printed on the paper bag. Thank for sharing!

Chatty Chics said...

Amazing! How smart! I never would have dreamed that I could do that at home! Thank you so much for sharing!
PS I'm having a party at my place today if you can drop by and share that with my readers

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