Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Easy Toddler Summer Ruffle Dress Tutorial!

This will be one of the easiest dresses you will ever make!  The tutorial took longer to write then to make the dress!  This is a GREAT beginning sewing project! 

Here is what you will need:
Tank Top (or a T-shirt will work too!)
2 Strips of fabric.

1. Cut your strips. 
Here are some suggested dimensions (in inches):
12M - 3 X 36 and 6 X 36
18M- 4 X 36 and 7X 36
24M & 2T- 5 X 36 and 8 X 36
3T & 4T- 6 X 36 and 9 X 36

2. Serge the bottom edge to finish it off... totally optional... you can hem it (add an inch to the length) or you can leave it raw to fray (shown below!)

3. But your pieces together with the right side facing up on both of them.  And sew together to create a ruffle. 
Here is a trick that works to ruffle in my machine:
Set your tension to the highest setting.  While sewing hold the thread.

Ruffles come automatically! 
Leave the threads long so you can adjust your ruffle.

4. Line up your ruffles around the bottom of the tank top and cut off the extras.

5. With right sides together sew on the edge to create a circle.

6. Pin right sides together to the bottom of your tank top.

7. Sew around the tank top using a zig-zag stitch (so it will stretch with it)

All done! 

You could get crazy and sew on some appliques too! :)
(photos taken with my Ipod!)

Here is the frayed bottom option you could do too!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I love this..and fairly simple. I'll have to try this out and play around a little with measurements (both my girls are older)


JessicaRenee said...

Thank you for this!! I just used this as a guide to do this for my daughter! She is so tall for her age and this allows me to re-use all her shirts I thought we were too small!!


JessicaRenee said...

Thank you for this!! I just used your tutorial to do this on one of my daughter's shirts. She is so tall and this allows me to re-use her shirts I thought were too small!!


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