Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature Friday: Tai from Taidye Original

Hi F&J readers! I am so excited to be here today! I am Tai, the girl behind Taidye Original. I love all things family, pink, and crafty. I hope you will stop by and check out some fun crafts, tutorials and cute kids. Dont forget to say "hi"!

I am very happy to share my hooded towel tutorial today with F&J readers. Enjoy!

I almost did not post this tutorial. The first few photos I had are terrible. I dont know what settings I was using but by the time I fixed it, the first few images were beyond repair. I hope you are cool with it! Sorry! These are SO easy! They make great baby shower gifts, first birthday gifts, etc. My kids love theirs and I have made bunches to give away. They are quick and inexpensive. I hope you will try it!
What you need:
A towel
A matching or coordinating hand towel
Start with the hand towel. Since this was for a baby shower I cut it to 10". For a toddler or older child I usually cut the hand towel in half. The measurement for a bigger child is usually around 14"
Next find the center of your full sized towel. Use the following scientific method:
Fold the towel in half, then mark it with a pin
Find the center of your cut off hand towel the same way and then pin them together
sew the finished edge of the hand towel to the outside of the big towel. I sewed 2 seams for re-enforcement
While you are still looking at the back/outside of the towel, fold the 2 corners of the hand towel down so they meet in the middle and pin
I am sure using a serger here would be awesome but I dont have one so I started with a straight stitch and then sewed a tight zig zag over that
turn the hood right side out. That is IT for the towel! Simple right?? Now you have a blank canvas! In the past I have always added an applique at this point. I have done a few different shapes, crown, car, initials. There are endless possibilities.
I had a few doilies I thought would be cute and vintage-y. I also had this great vintage ribbon I found at a flea market last summer
I love how this one turned out!
Hope you enjoyed!
I even found a picture of some towels I made for my niece and nephews a few Christmases ago...

I would love for you to stop by Taidye Original and say "hi!"

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Suki Lotti said...

I was given one of these when my baby was born but she had taken the extra part of the hand towel and made two washcloths as well. You know, the kind that fits over your hand?

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