Thursday, July 9, 2015

Easy DIY Personalized Water Bottles (Back to School Craft Lighting!)

 After the 4th of July- Target switches their seasonal aisle to Back-To-School... so it is time to start getting ready to send those kids back!  This month's Craft Lighting theme is Back-To-School!  

I pack a lunch for my kids everyday and I like to put a water bottle in it.  I found these little water bottles in a 2 pack at the Dollar Store -two for a dollar- yay! But I also know that my kids are forgetful and I would like there to be a chance they could get their water bottle back if they forgot it so I personalized it with their names and a favorite character!   It is SUPER EASY! 

Here is how you can make your own. 
1. Gather your supplies: Water bottles, Temporary Tattoos, Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl (I get mine from Expressions Vinyl)
2. Cut out your letters.  I use my Silhouette Cameo.
3. Place the letters on the water bottle.
4. Cut out the Temporary Tattoo
5. Use a wet, warm paper towel to adhere the Tattoo to the water bottle. and you are done!

I got the water bottles and the temporary tattoos from the dollar store and I already had the vinyl form other projects.  So, I was able to make these for $1 per bottle.  

The Tattoos totally stick to the water bottles!  They will wash off in the dishwater though... which I am ok with.  The letters stay on.  I got a pack of 28+ Temporary Tattoos at the Dollar store and I just stick on a new one once I wash it.  The kids like that it changes.  I usually use a bottle for a week in their lunch bag and then wash it.  

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