Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon Training Picnic (#StreamTeam # Netflix)

Thank you to Netflix for sponsoring this post. As part of the Stream Team I get to talk about a theme each month.  This month Theme: Dragons!
Netflix has a new series Based off the the hit movies: How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2 called Dragons: Race to the Edge, and my kids are loving it! It is easily their favorite show to watch now.  I mean what is not to love about Hiccup and Toothless?! 

As part of the the Netflix Stream Team, I got a box full of goodies to help celebrate the new Dragons series!  It came with all sort of fun stuff, but the map is my kids favorite.  It is so cool to see them play with the map creating their own adventures. 

To join in on their fun I decided to have a dragon picnic. 

After consulting my mom and sister (my creative team!), I came up with a fun menu.  All super simple- because I do not have time to sculpt Toothless out of brownies!  I made ship sails out of paper and toothpicks. 

The kids (needless to say) LOVED it.  The thought it was so fun to eat picnic style on the floor.  We ate on our Dragon blanket (part of our box of goodies) 

And because no picnic is complete with out a game, we made up a Dragon Racing game. 
In the 2nd movie they have Dragon races where they collect sheep for points and the black sheep is worth 10 points.  In our game we hide square legos (Use what you have) as our sheep.  The Golden lego is the golden sheep and it is worth 10 points.  I hide the legos around the yard (think Easter Egg hiding).   I hide the golden "sheep" harder since it is worth more.   The kids decorated their stuffed animals to be their Dragons and they race around the yard finding the "sheep" and bringing them back to their buckets.  We play several rounds.
My daughter named her dragon: Fireball and my son named his dragon: Tornado Fire. 

Have your kids checked out Dragons: Race to the Edge yet?  Have you had any Dragon adventures? 

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