Monday, July 27, 2015

3 Easy and Cute ways for Box Top Storage (#BTSLikeABoss)

  Who is ready for back to school?  It is easy with Back-To-School at Walmart!
Part of me is ready to have the kids back in school and part of me wants to suck up the last bits of summer! Either way- it is time to start to get ready!  If we are going Back-To-School... we should do it like a boss!  We do that by saving time on buying school supplies AND collecting Box Tops to give to the school! 

Shopping for Back-To-School is sometimes such a hassle!  But if you go to a one-stop-shop like Walmart you can get all your school supplies PLUS your household needs too!  We like to buy packs of Kleenex for the kids classroom each year because I know the teachers need it!  
And RIGHT NOW- Walmart has special 3 packs of Kleenex with BONUS BOX TOPS!  They also have special packs of Viva Paper Towels with extra Box Tops as well.  It is a win-win!  You get paper supplies for either you house or kids classroom PLUS Extra Box Top to help support your school! That is how we do it LIKE A BOSS!  They has special Bonus Box Tops on several items all around the store!

Since you will be collecting so many bonus Box Tops you will need a cute way to store them.  I have 3  easy and cute ways to store your Box Tops!

1. Reuse a food container. 
I cleaned out my container.  Then I used an Exato-knife to cut a slit in the top.  I used Duck Tape and Washi Tape to decorate.  

2. Re-use a Crystal Light container:
Just cover with cute paper and add an embellishment with the a Box Tops Label.

3. Use a Canning Jar
Just replace the inside part of the lid with cute card stock and cut a slit into the top for the Box Tops.

Now it is your turn to go Back-To-School Like a Boss (#BTSLikeABoss)  Go and Share your stories here on how you ROCK Back-To-School!

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