Thursday, June 18, 2015

Easy DIY Wedding signs (15 minute Craft) #CraftLighting

I love being a part of craft lighting every month!  I like being challenged to think of an easy craft for each theme! This month's theme is weddings.  Since i don't have any weddings that I am going to this year I created something for my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. But this could easily be used as wedding or bridal shower decor.

I made 2 signs... they could be used anywhere... the card basket, guestbook table, head table, etc...

Here is how I made them:

#1 Circle Wedding sign:

1. Gather supplies: Embroidery hoop, Canvas (or other study fabric), Pom-pom trim, paint/brush, hot glue gun.
2-3. Iron your fabric and place in the hoop. Trip edges off and secure with hot glue on the back. 

4-5. Decide placement of the pom-pom trim and use hot glue to attach it to the back.
6-7. Use a pencil to draw out your letters and then paint over.  

#1. Rectangle Wedding sign:

1. Gather supplies: Cardboard scrap, Canvas (or other study fabric), Pom-pom trim, paint/brush, hot glue gun.
2. Iron the piece of fabric that is at least 1 inch bigger on each side of your cardboard.  
3. Cut a slit into each corner.

4. Fold over the top and the bottom using hot glue to attach it.  either cut off or fold over the extra fabric at the corners.  repeat for the other sides. 
5. Decide the placement of your pom-pom trim and hot glue it to the back side.
6. Using a pencil draw out your letter and then go over it with paint. 

Tip on making letters with paint.  If your paint is too thick it will make it harder, so I add a little bit of water to my paint to help it go on smother.  Also you want to keep your brush full of paint so you will have to reload often. 

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Angie Holden said...

So cute Fawnda! Thanks for joining!

Janet Trieschman said...

I remember those pom poms from when I was little, everything old is new again!

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