Friday, May 8, 2015

Teacher Appreciation/End of the Year Teacher Gift

For Teacher Appreciation week, I though hard about what a teacher would really want as a gift.  I could have made something cute or got a gift card (both are good options) but I remember that when I was a teacher the end of the year was tough... it made me question if I even wanted to be a teacher the next year.  Standardized testing combined with crazy kids is enough to drive any one into madness! :)

So I thought I would like to be told I was doing a good job and that my students (and parents of those students) appreciated all the work I had done.   So I decided to make a video for my kids teachers.  So they could watch it any time they needed a reminder that they are GREAT!  This also works great as an end of the year gift so you still have time to make one!

I came up with some questions, some silly some more serious, all about the teachers.  Since my daughter was in preschool (and therefor has several teachers) and my son is in 1st grade and has one main teacher I came up with different questions for each kid.

Elementary questions:
Why do you think [enter Teacher Name here] became a teacher?
What do you think [enter Teacher Name here] does when she is not at school?
What is your favorite thing about [enter Teacher Name here]?
What is your favorite part of being in [enter Teacher Name here]'s class room?
If [enter Teacher Name here] was not a teacher, what job do you think she would do?
Tell me what makes [enter Teacher Name here] special.

Preschool questions:
Tell me what you love about your teachers.
Tell me about your class room.
What is your favorite part about your school.

Here are the videos:


I just video-ed the kid on my phone and then used imovie (on my mac) to edit them.. uploaded them to youtube and sent the links to the teachers.

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