Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not every Party needs to be Pinterest perfect!

Ok- lets talk birthday parties!  It's so easy to look on Pinterest and think that every party you throw has to look like this or it is a failure:
Don't get me wrong - this party is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with having a pretty party. I am just saying that in real life, not all my parties are worthy of being on Pinterest.  And just because my parties don't have fancy-pants decor and photos doesn't mean that my kids didn't have fun! And I have done the big themed parties and over done it on the actives (check out my Buzz Lightyear Party and my Princess party).  I am just saying that not every party you throw has to be a big deal. 

We celebrate birthdays around here, but to simplify things we do an every other year party.  On the off year we have the kids invite a friend or 2 to do something fun with them.  

This year my son turned 7 and he wanted to go to a movie with a friend.  So that is what we did.  We invited a friend over and went to a movie, had some snacks at the movie and then dropped his friend off at home:
Fun was had by all and I spent less then half the money!  And I didn't really have to plan that much, we picked a movie and invited a friend.  

Our Daughter turned 5 this year and she wanted to make a craft.  So we invited a couple friend to go to a craft store (A super cute on in Minneapolis called Heartfelt- if you are in the area you have to try it)  Heartfelt has "ready to make" crafts you can just drop in and make anytime.  So that made it super easy, I didn't have to make an appointment and rush to make it on time - just show up when we get there and the pick a craft.  I brought the girls (and my son tagged along) and we crafted for about and hour and then we dropped her friends off at home.  Again it was little planning but still super special and fun.

And I have to say that her felt blossom tree turned out so cute! 
And we spent less then half the money on this one too. 

So I am not saying that it is bad or a waste of time throwing a big themed party with beautiful decor... I am just saying, maybe not everyone has to do that... or maybe you don't have to do that every year.  Give yourself permission to enjoy a party that may never end up on Pinterest!  

And I see the irony of this because I will probably pin this! :) 

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