Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sick Day Movie Party with #Super4onNetflix

Thank you to Netflix for sending all the fun supplies for this Movie Party
This little girl had her tonsils taken out last week. 
So we have had lots of time at home eating popsicles and ice cream with limited activity as she recovers.  To make the time go by faster we had a Sick day Movie day!  Netflix has a new series by Playmobil: SUPER 4.  SUPER 4 will follow the fun adventures of Alex the Knight, Ruby the Pirate, Agent Gene and Twinkle the Fairy as they explore distinct island communities, fight evil and save the planet.  The perfect setting for out movie party.  

We kept things low key so that the sickie could participate in everything!  Here is how you can have your own Sick Day Movie Party:

Dress the part:
To add excitement to the movie party we dressed up like the characters.  Even just a hat or small prop can get you in the mood.  

Some easy actives to get you in the mood:
All of these could be done from the comfort of a couch or bed. 

To get the excitement up for the movie we had some simple low key activities for the kids to do.
1. Complete the story:  One person wears the crown.  they get to start a story (about anything but we kept it in the SUPER 4 theme).  They then stop and pass the crown to the next person who continues the story.  Keep passing until everyone has a turn.  You can decide if you want to finish the story or keep going for another round. 
2. Create a sticker book.  We got themed stickers and the kids got to create a book using the stickers.  They could just do a sticker/picture book or turn it into a story (depending on the age).
3. Coloring sheets.  You can never go wrong with good ol' coloring!  

Enjoy the show! 
Here is the little sickie watching it on my Ipad mini.. her favorite.  Since she is sick I let her use it.
Thats what I love about Netflix - it is so portable since we can stream it on almost anything!

Be sure to check out Netflix for SUPER 4! Here is a peek of all the fun!

*Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream team.  However all opinions are 100% honest! 

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Feel better soon Nyah!

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