Thursday, April 16, 2015

Puppy Paw-ty (Easy Birthday Party idea)

We had a Puppy Paw-ty.  This weekend.  I have done some big themed parties at my home (Buzz Lightyear and Princess Party to name a few) but this year I just didn't have it in me to put on a big production.  So, we went to an indoor play park.  That way all the kid entertainment was taken care of.  But I do love a theme.  2 of my kids have birthday's in April (and so is my birthday!).  It gets to be busy.  So this year we combined the party to include both kids.  And both of my kids LOVE puppies, so that was the theme!  

Here is our invite.  I created it in PicMonkey and I just emailed it out to family.  But I could have had it printed out as a photo.  This is my favorite, cheapest way to make customized invitations. 

The Food
I got a little carried away with the food

Puppy Chow 
I made 2 kinds

Pup Corn
Cheese and Caramal 

Hot Dogs and Cheese and Lunch Meat
I used cookie cutters to cut the cheese and meat into bones and puppy paws

I just ordered from my grocery store

Fruit Kibble

For the decorations I kept it ever simple with a Puppy "Happy Birthday sign" that I got from the party store and added some small stuffed puppies that I got from the thrift store.  Most of them still had the tags on them!  As the party favor, I let each kid pick out a puppy to adopt.  I printed out pet adoption certificates to make it seem more official and I decorated a brown gift bag with a dog bone with the kids name on it. 

We kept the party pretty simple in the fact that the activities were just playing at the indoor park.  I did not plan and puppy crafts or games.  But I did find some cute ones that I am sharing with you! 

Here are some other fun Puppy ideas/crafts you could do too: 

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