Thursday, April 30, 2015

Character Sketch Class (for me)

Last week was my birthday.  And this year I asked to take a sketch class.  I love to draw and I have been following Stephanie Corfee for a while now.  I always think - Wow I wish I could draw like her... and guess what?!  She teaches classes on how to draw like her.  So my hubby got this as my gift.  And it has been so fun so far... 3 lessons in! Character Sketch Class Here 

Lesson 1 was on girls... After each lesson I will draw the sketch she shows in class and then draw my own version of it on my own.  This time I drew my daughter and me on my birthday.

Lesson 2 Boys... I could never draw I can! My sketch is of my hubby and oldest son.

Lesson 3 was on poses.  She talks about taking poses from photos to give inspiration.

This pic I grabbed off of pinterest... no one I know... but so cute! 

It has been so fun honing my drawing skills and just doing something for me.  My kids love the sketches and ask me to draw things for them now.

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Anonymous said...

These are SO GREAT!! I tried to comment from my phone the other day, but I couldn't get logged in. If I ever write a children's book, I'll be asking you to be my illustrator!!

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