Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy Minecraft Party Decor

We always decorate the house for each kid's birthday. Even though this year was the "small" birthday party (i.e. take a friend to a movie and that's it!) we still decorated the house with my son's latest infatuation: Minecraft.  If you have a boy between the ages 5-12 you know what I am talking about!  But I also wanted to keep it simple!  So here is what I did to make a big impact with little effort.  I am also including the Minecraft faces at the bottom as a free printable so it will be super easy for you! 

I got this party banner at the dollar store and taped Minecraft faces to it.

These swirly decorations used to be angry bird decorations :
I saved them from the angry birds party we had last year, and just removed the angry bird part and taped 2 minecraft faces to the bottom back-to-back. 

My hubby came up with this idea and it turned out so cute.  We taped Steve's face to the school pictures of the kids to turn them into minecraft characters.  My kid LOVED it!

I got some paper plates from the dollar store, (I wanted the green ones to be a square too but they only had circles and it worked out fine) and taped the Minecraft faces to them.  For the spider I draw the face with metallic Bic permanent markers, cut out the legs out of another paper plate and taped them to the back.

I also made this super easy Creeper Shirt.  Just some heat transfer vinyl cut in the creeper face shape onto a green shirt.  I used my silhouette but you could totally cut this out by hand too.   

Here are the Minecraft faces for you to use (PERSONAL USE ONLY!!!))
Just right click and download.

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