Thursday, February 12, 2015

Let's talk about Taxes! are you in the know?

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Are you ready to make taxes your cup of tea? 

As DIY bloggers we often times like to be DIY-ers is other part of our lives- like with taxes.  I am married to a CPA so it does make it a little bit easier for me, but I am going to let you in on our secret! TurboTax!  We always use TurboTax and we have peace of mind that everything is covered and we are getting the biggest refund we can get.  I love that it simply asks you questions and you fill in the answers as you go.  It stores all your information and gets you the right forms.

Are you DIYing your taxes this year?  Did you know that now you have to report your health insurance coverage this year?  Over 48% of Americans don't know that they need to!   TurboTax Health can help you with all you need to know about The Affordable Care Act!  It has all the info on how to report and what to report!  

Also if you do NOT have health insurance you have until Feb 15th to open enroll.  That is THIS weekend folks!  But don't worry TurboTax Health can show you what to do, so that you will not get penalized this year!  It will even be able to tell you if your are exempted this year! 

If you are filing with a simple form (1040A/EZ) you can file FOR FREE until Feb 16th at  Free!  Do it now! 

TurboTax has also put together 3 videos to show you how to report your health insurance.  

Watch this one if you know you have health insurance through work or Medicaid, Medicare or other government sponsored healthcare:

Watch this one of you use a Marketplace Insurance:

Watch this one if you are uninsured:

Be in the know with TurboTax!  Make taxes your cup of tea this year!

Always be in the know with TurboTax:

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