Wednesday, December 17, 2014

On the Go with a baby for the Holidays

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The holiday season gets busy... like super busy and when you add a baby and some other kids in the mix -we are at our max!  
This picture was from last year - our youngest's first Christmas.  It is always so special the baby's first Christmas- to see the magic in their eyes.

One way to make my busy life easier is to have some go-to healthy snacks for the baby.  He goes where ever we go and it is always better to have some snacks with!  That is what I LOVE about Happy Baby.  They have just what I am looking for on my list:
 Healthy - check
Easy- check
Baby likes it - check! 

One thing my toddler loves is Baby-trail mix:
Just mix some Happy Yogies with some Happy Baby puffs and cereal and you have the perfect baby trail mix! 

My other go-to snack is the fruit and veggie pouches.  
I always make sure I have some in my diaper bag.  

Happy Baby snacks are the perfect thing to bring with you during all your holiday events.  Keep the baby happy with snacks he will love and keep you happy because you know they are also healthy!  Join Happy Family on Facebook and enter to win during December’s #TistheSqueezin giveaways!
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