Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Halloween! Our Costumes inspired by our favorite movies! {#StreamTeam}

Thank you to Netflix for sponsoring this post! 
Happy Halloween!  Just wanted to show off the kids costumes this year.  They are all store bought (I know bad craft blogger), sometimes you gotta know when fold 'em!  

All the kids costumes are inspired by thier favorite movies or shows.  We have Netflix and LOVE it for the family!  I love that I can set the kids "station" to kids only shows.  They have a couple different kids setting depending on how old your kids are. 

Our oldest son is 6, and is totally into the Spy Kids movies. All of the kids are actually.  I know this costume is really supposed to be a solder of some sort, but he totally thinks it for a spy kid so it works! 

Our daughter is a Butterfly Fairy Princess.  Inspired by the Tinker Bell movies. These are also a huge hit will all the kids.  

And the Baby is a puppy dog.  He loves dogs in real life and on TV.  With Clifford and Hundly (from Curious George) being some of his favorites. 

So, what are you (or your kids) being for Halloween?

*Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream team.  However all opinions are 100% honest! 

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srpprcrftr said...

No small ones at our house or even small grand kids anymore. They're all growing up much too quickly. Youngest gk is 14 already and oldest is 24. We have six gf's.
Your kids look so cute, such an innocent fun time in all your lives. Enjoy it all you can.
Enjoy Halloween and your weekend. Nothing wrong with buying their costumes, what's more important, purchased costumes and relaxed fun Mom or stressed out and crabby making 3 costumes. You're only one person.

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