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Kindness Week: Activities to Teach Kindness to kids {#StreamTeam}

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I love my kids.  But lately they seem to only be thinking about themselves.  They are acting very selfish and were getting mean to each other.  It's probably because we have spend the whole summer together, still, I knew I had to get this turned around.  So I came up with KINDNESS WEEK.  A week with activities to focus on kindness and service and not on selfishness!  

We used the verse as our theme: 

Matthew 7:12 

In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you

I choose different people groups to focus on each day and then we spent some time doing kind things for those people.  

Day 1: Be Kind to Friends.
We wrote letters to their friends to mail to them.  While they were writing their letters and drawing their pictures we talked about what it means to be a good friend.

Day 2: Be Kind to Family:
With each kid, I sat down and we made a list of 3 things we could do for their siblings that would be kind.  Then during the day we made sure that they did those 3 things.   Our lists included: Give hugs, help clean their room (our kids rooms are always messy!),  share your favorite toy.  And all day I would have to remind them: "We are being kind to our family today!"  And I wanted to add: "And your going to LIKE it!" :) 

Day 3 Be Kind To Service People:
We made goodie bags with different candies and gave them out to the people with help us with our day. We left one in our mailbox for our mail man, gave some to the Child Care workers at the YMCA, gave some to the bank tellers.  And we just put a simple note on it that said "Thanks for all you do!"  I kept them in my purse and we gave them out as we did errands on our day.

Day 4 Be Kind to People in Need: 
We had a family friend who lost their baby recently.  It is so sad, and I knew I wanted to help out some how,  so we brought them a meal.  I had the kids help me make some cookie-brownies (from a box mix) for dessert, and come along to deliver the meal.  Bringing a meal to a family who needs it is a great way to show your kids how to show love to others.  It can be any need, a busy week, having a new baby, lose of a job... anything, there are always people who could use a meal! 

Day 5 Be Kind to Your Neighbors:
We made a bunch of the cookie-brownies and we made little goodie bags for our neighbors and attached a note that said "We are so glad you are our neighbors!"

Day 6 Be Kind to People Who Have Less: 
We took a trip to our local dollar store and picked out items for Operation Christmas Child Boxes.  We talked about how there are lots of kids in the world who don't have toys like we do, and they don't get Christmas gifts like we do. We talked about how we were going to pick out toys and things for a little girl and boy to have (we don't get to keep it) we are going to give it away.  I got a lot of "Mommy can I have one too" while I was at the store but I just brought it back to the fact that we have toys already and this child did not.  Both my 4 and 6 year olds did great with it. 

Day 7: Be Kind to Strangers.
We also did some Random acts of kindness one day as we were out and about.  We happen to be going to a park that had rides.  You could buy a card of points to get on the ride.  On one of the rides we paid the points of the kids behind us with our card.  We also opened doors for people, and let people go in front of us in line.  Just little things to be kind.  

As we were going about our kindness week we watched some shows on Netflix that promote kindness.  I notice that when my son watches too many super hero shows he ends up acting more violent and mean.  So we were careful about what we watched this week.
We love Netflix because there are no commercials!  Commercials often lead to selfishness! 
Here are some of our favorite Kindness shows:

We had a good time during Kindness Week and I think we may make it a regular event around here!  How do you teach kindness at your house? 

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