Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Family Night and focusing on the importance of Emotional Intelligence

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We are being intentional with our family time.  We plan to a family night once a week where we spend the night with just our family.  My husband comes home early, we eat dinner together, have family devotions and do some activity together.  We keep dinner simple- usually pizza.  Family Devotions are out of a 5 minute kid devotional book.  And the activities range from hide-and-seek to drawing pictures to camp fires to playing with Legos to watching movies... we mostly let the kids pick.  

We also want to be intentional on parenting well rounded kids.  And while we know that academics and IQ are important, we also know we need help with our kids emotional IQ.  Emotional IQ covers: self control, motivation, empathy, and social skills. All those skills are just as (if not more) important to getting a job, being successful, and having good relationships as your academic IQ.

EQtainment has created the game: Q's Race to the Top, to focus on teaching kids these skills and has a Kickstarter campaign starting today (Aug 12th, 2014). I love a good Kickstarter campaign and this one is very worth while.
We used EQtainment's new game Q's Race to the Top as a Family Night activity to help teach our kid's good behavior, social skills and physical coordination.  It is perfect for kids ages 4.5+.  My kids are 4.5 and 6 and they loved it!  

They also love the book that came with it.  It is a story about Q, the genius monkey, that does not understand the social behavior of his human family.  So even though he is really smart, he needs help navigating though some normally family issues.  It is a great way to open the door to talking with your kids about good social behaviors.

The game pieces are Q, the monkey, and the die is over sized and fun!

The game board is of Q's tree house and you work you way up to the top.  As you land on a space you pick the color card that coordinates with the space you landed on.  There are also "power up" spots that send you forward or backward.  

The Red cards are the Do cards.  These cards offer activities to work on balance and coordination.  Children must develop balance and coordination before they can master mental and emotional self-control.  These cards will have you practice: teamwork, balance, coordination and self-control.  These are fun and help keep the kids moving during the game.  

Here are some of our Do cards:

The Blue cards are the YOU cards.  They ask questions about you.  This gives kids the opportunity to practice manners and positive behaviors, communication skills, and self- awareness. 
The Green cards are the Q Cards.  These have you give advice to Q on what he should do in different social situations.  This gives the kids the opportunity to practice: social awareness, managing emotions, coping skills and positive attitude. 

The game is a great safe way to talk about a lot of social behaviors when you are not in the middle of a conflict.  The kids can think about what to do and offer advice.  

Check out EQtainment's Q's Race to the Top Kickstarter Video and be sure to support this great game!

As a mom, I really liked how this opened up some conversation with my kids about different social behaviors.  As a teacher I also love how it is working on manners, social awareness and attitude.  These are things that everyone needs to be successful! 

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