Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PEEPS® S'mores - Show your #PEEPSONALITY!

Thank you to PEEPS® for providing me with the PEEPS® used in this post.

PEEPS® sent me a little summer care package: 
Lots of fun stuff for the summer, we have used the towel for swimming lessons and I use the cup to drink lots of water but I decided to share a fun way to take your S'mores to a Whole. Nother. Level.
(see Mad TV Clip here for reference)

Necessity is the mother of all invention.  We were out of marshmallows and I had promised my kids S'mores.  We had the chocolate we had the gram... what could we use for the mallow? PEEPS®!  
They have come out with some fun new flavors in a Mini size and they are perfect for a marshmallow substitute! 

First heat up your PEEPS® Mini over the fire.  Don't get it too close or it will burn... you just want to warm it up. 

Put it on top of your gram and chocolate

Put the other gram on and EAT!  So ymmuy!  

We made the strawberry and chocolate PEEPS® and both were good! 

1 comment :

srpprcrftr said...

REally smart idea, subbed in something even better than "regular" marshmallow. Bet they tasted yummmy.
Enjoy this summer with your new style s'mores. Happy summer days

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