Thursday, June 26, 2014

Easy Glitter Smile Frame (Tutorial)

Thank you to Silhouette for providing me with the materials for this project
I have discovered double-sided adhesive!  And I am in LOVE!  I got the Starter Kit from Silhouette (30% off all supplies going on now- use code: FIREFLIES!)
It makes it so easy to make projects with glitter and get crisp lines.  

Here is how you make it:
1. Pick out your shape or words on your silhouette software and send it to the Silhouette following the directions that come with the double-sided adhesive.  You want the white side up when you load it into your machine. 
2. Weed out your shapes and peel off the yellow side leaving the adhesive on the white part.
3. Place on your frame, and peel off the white paper
4. Spread glitter over the shapes and wipe off the excess.  The brush really helped get the glitter  over the letters really nicely.
Your done!

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