Wednesday, June 25, 2014

6 ways for Mom's to take time for yourself this Summer {#StreamTeam}

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Summer is here and that means sunny days!  But it also means that all of my kids are home all day.  It is enough to drive me crazy if I do not take the time for myself.  Just little pieces of the day or night to pamper myself.  

Here are 6 ways that I am taking time for myself this summer

1. Taking a bath
After the kids go to bed I take a bath.  After a long day of "Mommy, what are we going to do now?"  It is nice to sit and soak in the tub, and shave my legs in peace.

2. Get a little treat.
Sometime all I need is a little sugar to sweeten myself up!  I have a favorite place to drive through and get a smoothie.  So, if I am running errands with the kids sometime my only "me" time is in the car with kids strapped in sipping my smoothie.

3. Swap night with Dad to take a night off of bed time.
My Hubby and I each get a night off a week to go out and skip bedtime.  It is nice to just leave after dinner and come home after the kids are already sleeping.  I usually go to a women's bible study but I have also gone to a coffee shop or shopping by myself too.

4. Work out
I have membership to our local YMCA.  They have free childcare for members for up to 2 hours a day.  I go and drop off the kids and work out.  It is a win win.  I get a break from the kids and also get to energize myself with exercise!

5. Quiet time for the kids.
We all need a break from each other during the day.  The kids need a little structured down time.  I have my kids either take a nap (for the younger 2) or for the older one, take what I like to call a "movie nap"  We have rules that they have to stay seated and quiet during the movie.  They can only get up to go to the bathroom.  Some times I have my son read books but that is usually a shorter quiet time.  During this time I can get some stuff done around the house and marking things off my to-do list is therapeutic too

6. Watch grown-up shows on Netflix.

And by grown-up I mean not a cartoon.  After taking care of the kids all day and watching all their shows it is time for some adult conversation... even if it is on TV.  My current guilty pleasure right now is Charmed... totally cheesy but it reminds me of my youth so it is fun!

How do you keep sane during the summer with your kids? 

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