Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bing in the Classroom - Safe #adfreesearch for schools!

Thanks to Bing for sponsoring today's post

I was a teacher for 11 years before I decided to stay home with my kids.  I will get back to teaching some day.  One of my favorite things about teaching was incorperating technology in the classroom.  I was one of the first teachers to get a smartboard (think giant interactive computer touchscreen- about the size of a white board-made for the classroom) in the school I was teaching and I became the resident pro.  Now, my son's and daughter's classrooms have smartboards too! They also have computer classes starting in Kindergarten!  This is awesome but I am sometimes concerned with what my kids are seeing when it comes to ads and stuff!  My son and daughter can get distracted by lots of things and I don't want that to happen when they are supposed to be learning! 

That is where Bing in the Classroom comes in! 

In schools, when students use search engines other than Bing, they are shown ads that can distract from their studies. With Bing in the Classroom, all advertising is removed, there are strict filters for adult content, and enhanced privacy protection. 

Along with providing educational enhancements, Bing in the Classroom removes ads and blocks searches from being used for personalized advertising for all Bing searches done through the school’s network, making Bing the only major search engine to provide a search offering tailored specifically for the classroom. 

Please note: As a part of the program, all searches performed with Bing in the Classroom will be ad free, however, websites discovered and visited via search will still provide ads. Students will not be served ads in the Bing experience.

Check out this video for more information: 

We've made it even easier for people to support the schools they care about. Our popular Bing Rewards program enables people to earn credits towards Surface tablets for a school of their choice simply by signing up and searching with Bing. Now we are making it easier to see how many Rewards credits an individual school has earned. You can search for any school by ZIP code and see how many other people are contributing, how many Surface tablets the school has earned so far, and how many credits are needed to earn the next Surface. And we'll also tell you if the school is registered for the search enhancements, so you can know if your kids are receiving ad-free, safer, more private search in the classroom when they choose Bing.

Anyone can earn credits just by searching the web with Bing—similar to a frequent flyer program. Credits can be donated to help get free Microsoft Surface tablets for schools. It's easy! All you have to do is stay signed in as you search with Bing.

To begin supporting schools with Bing rewards, simply visit the campaign landing page and select “Find your school” map in the lower right corner of the page. 

Next, enter your school’s zip code and select the name of your school via the dropdown menu and select “Find”.  

From here, select the “Support Your School” section and click on the “Try it now, FREE!” section. You’ll be prompted to create a Microsoft account, or sign in with your Facebook account. All you have to do is stay signed in as you search with Bing to earn credits.

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