Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Princess Party

We threw a princess party for my daughter's 4th birthday party! OhMyGoodness - it was so fun!  This is my first really girly party that I have planned and I had a hard time reigning it all in (pun intended!) 

Here is what we did:

First off I made 8 of these Princess Aprons.  As the girls arrived to the party I let them pick an apron to wear during the party (This was also their party favor... I thought it would be better then candy or the cheap party favor toys)
I also had 3 Jr. High girl helpers.  I work with our youth group at our church and I know these girls from that.  They were amazing helpers!  The little girls looked up to them so much.  It was awesome to have the extra help during the party too.  I could be in the kitchen with the food and these girls were helping the little girls. This was by far the best idea I have had for a party!  (they each got a Princess Apron too!)

After we got our princess aprons on we did some princess training.  I broke it up into 2 sessions.  In the first session we:
Practiced our balance by walking with books on our heads
Curtsied to each other
Learned royal words like: Your Highness and Forsooth 

In the second session we:
Practiced our princess wave
Blowing kissing 
Princess twirling

After the first session of  princess training we did our craft: Make Your Own Princess Crown
I ordered these crowns and jewel stickers from Oriental Trading.
It was super easy... they just stuck the jewel stickers to the crowns. 
After the craft we had our second training session. 

After the second session of training we painted the girls nails.  
The girls loved it! 

Then it was time for a snack.
We had pink fruit and fishy crackers (in honor of Ariel) on princess plates.  For cake we had mini-cupcakes.   The mini-cupcakes were the prefect size for the 4 year old girls. 

Next we had the gift opening.  As we open the gifts, I have each girl who gave the gift sit next to the birthday girl as she is opening it.  It keeps all the girls interested and it helps the birthday kid know who gave what to them!  I then take a picture of them and send it in the thank you card. 

After the gift opening we had a dance party for the girls. It was the perfect way to wait for their parents to pick them up!   I just played Frozen radio station on itunes (similar to pandora but for apple).  It was so cute all the little girls singing "Let it Go" from the bottom of their hearts.    
It was so fun and all the princesses had a grand time! 

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