Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy DIY Princess Dress-up Aprons Tutorial {remixed}

I have made Dress-up Princess Aprons for years now.  But I have decided to remix the tutorial a little bit and show you how easy it is to alter it to make it what ever princess you want!   

Here is how you make this version:

You will need:
2 colors of Felt
1/4 inch Elastic
Sewing machine with sewing tools: scissors, thread, needle etc

1. Cut the different pieces:
8X8 inch square
2X42 inch strip
Two 16X28 inch rectangles (one in each color) 

2. Take the top color, fold in half the long way, and cut out a rounded triangle shape.  Open it up and place it on top of the bottom color and place the strip on top of that and sew across the top and down the sides.

3. Take the square and fold it in half and cut out a heart shape top.  Open it up and place it right sides together on to the top of the strip- make sure to line it up in the middle. 
4. Cut a 10-12 inch strip of elastic and sew it to the top back side of the the heart shape neckline.  

Too cute! 

I made a bunch of them for my daughter's Princess Birthday Party (Post coming soon!) 
Honestly- how cute is this picture?!  

Here are other Princess Aprons I have made... as you can see you can change or add your own spin onto it! 

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