Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Boy} Monkey Birthday Party

My Baby boy turned 1 this month!  So, of course, we had to have a big party to celebrate!  

He is my little monkey so we went with a Monkey themed party.  I actually thought it would be easy to find cute Monkey party decor.  But nope!  The only monkey party decor out there is all for girls.  But that didn't stop me!  I made some fun Monkey Decor and I will show you! 

The invite:

I always create my invites on PicMonkey (appropriate for this party too! HA!)  and then I have them printed as 4X6 photos.  It is a great and cheap way to get personalized invites and I usually only have to wait an hour to get them! 

The decor:
I got my polk-a-dot balloons from the Party Store.
The pennant banners came from Oriental Trading.

I made the Monkey pinwheels using THIS TUTORIAL

I used monkey stuffed animals as my center pieces (and my Curious George lunch box)

The food:
I had the food catered from one of our favorite Italian restaurants, just to make my life easier.  I ordered my plates, napkins, and table clothes from Oriental Trading. 

We added some fun Monkey Snacks to the table:
Licorice was Vines
Pretzels were Tree branches 
and Bananas

I ordered the cake and it came with a free 1st birthday cake for the baby!

The Activities:
We kept it low key since it is a 1 year old party.  
I came up with an easy craft to be set up at a table so parents could do with their kids.
We made Monkey Magnet clips
I had instructions taped to the wall so that people could easily make their own.

Here were in the instructions:
1. Color the clothes pin
2. Stick the monkey sticker to the front of the clip
3. Stick the magnet to the back of the clip.

We also had a table with coloring sheets... Curious George - of course!

Happy Birthday Buddy! 

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