Monday, April 7, 2014

Batman Hoodie DIY {#SuperHeroing, #CerealHeros)

This article is sponsored by General Mills
We have been #SuperHeroing with our favorite Big G cereals!  Now, through April Select Big G Cereals have FREE Justice League Comic books inside, plus fun Super Hero Accessories on the back of the box.

Today I am going to show you how to make an awesome Batman Hoodie! 

Here is what you will need:
black hoodie
black felt
black thread
sewing needle

1. cut out ear shapes.  you will need 2 pieces for each ear. 
2. Sew the two pieces together.  I hand sewed mine with a whip stitch.
3. Stuff the ear with extra little pieces of felt.
4. Sew to the hood of your sweatshirt.  I put the hood on my son's head to see where the placement should be.  I just hand-sewed it on. 

5. cut a piece of felt that is the length of the sleeve.
6. Cut out a bat wing shape
7. Use your first wing shape to make the other wing so that they match.
8. Hand sew it on! 
He loves it!  

He also so loves the DC Superfriends comic books that come in the Big G Cereals! 
Get your own FREE Comic books! Click HERE to find out how! 

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Stuff-n-Such By Lisa said...

What a great idea! My Grandson's would LOVE this!

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