Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Wonder Women Tank Top (#SuperHeroing)

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We have been Super Heroing with Big G Cereals.  Now, through April Select Big G Cereals have FREE Justice League Comic books inside, plus fun Super Hero Accessories on the back of the box.  My Son has been into Super Heroes for a while now - but my daughter (almost 4) is just getting to them.  And she LOVES the girl ones- Wonder Woman being her favorite!  So we worked together to make a Wonder Woman Tank Top. 

How to:

1. Supplies: White tank top, fabric paint (or craft paint with the fabric paint medium), paint brushes, Painter's tape, Big G Cereal box.
2. Place the cereal box inside the tank top so that the paint will not seep through.  Use your painter's tape to make a line right under the armpit. 
3. Paint above the tape red. 
4. Paint below the tape blue
* we liked the distressed look so it doesn't have to be perfect*

5. After the red and blue paint has dried, remove the tape and tape off the red and blue lines to paint your gold band.
6. Using either a small brush or a paint pen make stars on the blue part.  a tip to creating a pattern is to always work in triangles.  Your shapes should make a triangles. 
7. Using the end of your brush make dots around the neck line.
8. Using a small brush or paint pen make the Wonder Women logo. 
Let the paint dry

Now you get to get your little girl all dressed up! 
We cut out the Wonder Women Bands from our Big G cereal and added a tiara, and some rope (for the Lasso of Truth) and we were set to do some girl super heroing

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Greta @gfunkified said...

That is SO cute! I love that!

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