Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY Crinkle Ribbon Baby Blanket Toy

A friend at our church is having twins.  It is so exciting because it took a lot of work to get these babies, and we are so happy for this family!  I always like to give a something hand made when I give gifts so, I made these crinkle ribbon blanket toys.  They are great because they can loop to a stroller, carseat of swing  or come along with the baby.  The crinkle adds another sensory aspect that babies love!  

Here is how to make your own. 

1. Supplies: fabric (a fat quarter will be more then enough) ribbon, diaper package (or other wrapper), sewing machine (and sewing supplies), baby ring
2. Make a triangle pattern on a piece paper.  You can just use word and make a triangle from the shapes option or use clipart. 
3. Cut out 3 triangles -  2 pieces of fabric and 1 piece of the diaper package
4. Cut out several 1 inch ribbons.  My triangle sides were about 6 inches and have 3 ribbons on each side so I needed 9 ribbons for 1 toy.

5. pin your ribbons in place on the RIGHT side of one of your fabric triangles.  Make sure the long side of the ribbon is facing to the inside of the triangle (see picture #5).
6. place the other fabric triangle on top of that with right sides together.
7-8 Place the wrapper triangle on the top of the pile and pin them together.

9. Sew around the outside with a 1/4 inseam.  leave a 3-4 inch opening to flip right side out.
10. Flip right side out and pin the opening closed with the ribbons attached too.
11. Top sew around the edge closing the opening. 
12 sew a button hole at the top of one of the points.  I always have to look up how to do a button hole on my machine.  I just searched YouTube for my machine model and button hole and several videos popped up... you can also use your machine manual, or find the manual online. 

Then you put the baby ring into the button hole and you are done! 

Since it for twins- I had to make two! They are having a girl and a boy! 

I added some easy burp clothes and some diaper and it makes a great gift! 
**I always include with the gift the care instructions.  These are machine washable but should be hang dried**

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