Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Angry Birds Hoodie DIY

My oldest son turned 6 last week.  6!  I mean where did my baby go?!  
He is totally into Angry Birds (like most boys his age!)  So I set out to get him an Angry Birds hoodie... and they don't really have them like I wanted (with the bird face on the hood)  so I made one and now I am sharing it with you! 

Felt pieces

1. Cut out the pieces.  You will need eyes, beak (2 pieces) eyebrows (this is what makes the bird look angry!) and for the black bird a long black rectangle and 2 orange squares. 
2. Sew your eye pieces together
3. Sew your beak together on the 2 sides but leave the long side open.
4. Turn the beak so that the seam in on the inside and stuff with extra felt or stuffing.

5. Pin and sew your eyes and eyebrows to the hood.  It might get a little squishy but you can do it!

6. To add the "feather" to the top of the hood.  First sew the orange squares to the ends of the black rectangle (A).  Then pin and sew it to the top of the hood.  You want to sew in the middle of it (B).  Then bring the 2 sides together and sew around the 3 sides (C). 

7. Pin the beak to the INSIDE of the hood and sew it on. 

Angry Bird hoodie = Happy boy! 

I also made  knight hoodies for my nephews -check that out if you liked this! 

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