Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goals 2014

This post is late... I know. but you know what they say... Better late then never. 

This past year has been good but hard.  We added our 3rd child into our family and this was the first time we experienced a new born. (my other kids came home at the age of 9 months).  Our goal for last year was to survive!  And I think we just barely did that! And my blog had to take the back burner to my family (and rightfully so!).  I always feel like I am so busy and then I try and think of what I did and feel like it was nothing.  Our youngest is just 9 months right now (the age my other kids were when they came home) so, I am feeling a little more into my groove, like maybe I can actually accomplish something this year! :) 

I am in a bit of a creative funk now, little sleep and constantly taking care of children is messing with my creative mojo.  I am not complaining- I love my kids and I love being a mom, it is just the season I am in right now.  But I am ready to get some of that mojo back!  

That is where GOALS come in.  I work better under pressure.  I always have.  So it is time to put some self-induced pressure on myself.  

Goal # 1 
Create some thing at least once every two weeks (I would like to get it back up to once a week- but I know I need a little more time then that for now).  I will be sharing what I create here either with a tutorial or a link to the one that I used.  I just have to start doing something! 

 Goal #2
Write an ebook or pattern. 
I have an idea for an ebook and an idea for a pattern... maybe I should try them both.  I have 2 other patterns that I have created (Double Wine Tote and First Aid Kit) and I am happy with how they are doing so I might go that route first.  I will need some pattern testers when I get it ready! Let me know if you are interested! 

Goal # 3
Finally figure out Twitter.  I just don't get it.  I can do the basics (post and read other post) but I want to be involved in twitter parties and use hashtags and trend....I need some help!  I have tried and I am always confused.  Am I too old?  Anyone have any good Twitter tips?  

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Ola said...

I will test your patterns! Good luck with your goals!

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