Monday, December 2, 2013

Tulle Twist Christmas Trees Tutorial

Here is a quick easy craft you can still fit in for Christmas Decor! 

Tulle Twist Christmas Trees

Here is what you will need:
Styrofoam Trees
Tulle in 3 colors
Hot Glue gun with hot glue
Ribbon {not pictured} 
1. Cut your tulle into 3 inches wide strips.  My Strips were about 19 inches long for the tall tree. (I cut them in half for the smaller tree)  Fold your strips a couple of times.
2. Put a dab hot glue on the bottom and glue and glue the end of the tulle to it.  Twist it around your tree, up to the top and hot glue it to the top, leave a little tulle sticking out at the top.
3. Repeat with your two other colors.  I used red, green and white.  I also twisted some red and white ribbon about the tree to give it some added detail and to help hold the tulle in place.
I love how these trees turned out!

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