Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas TP!

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Everything at our house gets into the Holiday spirit! Even the Toilet Paper!

There is nothing worst then being stranded in the bathroom with no toilet paper!  Thank goodness my 5 year old can now go and get me a roll when I need to!  With a 5 year old and a 3 year old... we go through A LOT of TP!  They think they need the whole roll to wipe their booty!  And who do you think ALWAYS has to change the roll?  Yep - me!  

And the holidays means hosting parties and having guest and you don't want them to be left on the toilet with no toilet paper!  That is where Cottonelle comes in... with their triple roll, it last longer, which means you need to change the roll less!    I went to Target to buy my 12 pack so I would be ready for the holidays!  

I like to leave a few rolls on the back of the toilet... and since it is Christmas time they got a holiday make over!   

Here is how you make them:

First for the bands:
1. You will need: Felt, scissors, elastic,  glue gun, sewing machine, and Toilet paper.
2. Cut out a felt strip that is 2' X 12', and a piece of elastic that is 5"
3. Sew the elastic to the felt strip to make a circle.

Now you can decorate them:
Make some holly and hot glue it on one of the bands.  

To make an easy flower:
1. Cut a piece of felt that is 12" X 4" and put a line of hot glue across the bottom.
2. fold in half and cut slits across.
3. Put another short line of hot glue on the bottom.
4. Roll the flower over the hot glue.  repeat all the way down the flower.
5-6. Hot glue the flower to one of your bands.

To make the bow:
1. you will need a long strip and a short strip.  My long strip was about 12" X 3" and the short one is 1.5" X 3" (but you ca experiment with the size to see what you like as the bow.) 
2. On the longer strip- fold the two sides to the middle and hot glue.
3. Hot glue the middle together to make the bow shape.
4. wrap the short strip around and hot glue in the back.
5. Hot glue to one of your bands.

The snowman is so easy!  Just use some sharpies to draw a snowman face and buttons on the TP and stack them up! 

Now your toilet paper is so festive and ready for when you run out! 

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tammilee said...

So cute! Love the snowman!

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