Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Fun Christmas Tradition.

Here a fun Christmas Morning tradition from my childhood.

Growing up we did gift opening a bit different than most houses! Most people would wake up and find all the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Not in our house. There would be NO gifts under the tree. Instead there would be a note with instructions on how to wake up our parents to find out where our gifts were.

Usually the instructions included:
1. We must wait until 7 AM to wake them up.
2. Start the coffee (when we were a bit older)
3. Sing a Christmas carol all together to wake them up.

Once my parents were awake. They informed us that our presents were hidden around the house. They would tell each child how many gifts they each had to find. The rule was you could ONLY take the gift from the hiding place that had your name on it and you could only help someone else if the wanted the help. We would set off around the house looking for our gifts and piled them up in the living room.

When we were younger the gifts would be pretty easy to find and just on the main level of the house. As we got older, the hiding places got harder, and they could be on ALL levels of the house.

My Dad would be totally into finding the best and hardest hiding places. Some years his hiding places were so good that we would not be able to find all our gifts. Some gifts would remain hidden until spring when we would would accidentally find it!

My sibling and I would have a blast running around the house trying to find our gifts, trying to be the first to finish our pile!

I know that it sounds like we got Christmas mixed up with Easter, but we loved it!  It put some adventure and fun in to the Christmas morning.

Here are some tips to help you start this fun tradition:
1. Clearly mark WHO the gift is for when wrapping them. Some years my parents would just have our names on them, other years they would wrap each kids gifts in a different wrapping paper.

2. Make sure that every one has about the same amount of gifts. It will not be fun if kid 1 is looking for 3 gifts and kid 2 is looking for 10 gifts. Kids can count at very young ages! And we were always looking to see if things were fair.

3. Start out hiding the gifts in easy places. The point is to have the kids find them. : )

4. Remember where you hid them. You could make a little map if you need too. This will cut down on the "lost" gifts!

5. If kids are having a hard time finding the gifts you could help by using "hot" and "cold"  to give them hints.

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Mrs Bishop said...

That's a really cute idea! When we were teens, my brothers and I would send our parents on scavenger hunts for their gifts. Seeing how much fun they had, I'm sure kids would get an even bigger kick out of it. Thanks for sharing your family tradition! :-)

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