Monday, November 4, 2013

Handle your Busy day with Poise

Ok- Today we are going to get a little bit personal on our blog.  I am going to share something  embarrassing with you that no one really talks about, but I know that there are a lot of women out there that may be dealing with some of the same issues I am so I am going to share my story with you all.

Before I got pregnant I had a bladder of steel.  I could hold it all day long.  Seriously I could hold it for like 8 -10 hours.  I had trained myself to since I was a teacher and bathroom breaks were few and far between.  But then I had a 9 1/2 pound baby naturally (no c-section) and I am not going to lie to you... 7 months later, my lady parts are still recovering.  (See I told you we would get personal!) Now, I cannot hold it at all.  Now, I literally pee my pants laughing...and sneezing... and coughing...running after my kids!

Now, I have three small children (5, 3, and 7 months old), which means I get zero personal time.  It also means I don't have time to drop everything and run to the bathroom when I gotta go!  I do not have time to deal with light bladder leaks (LBL)!

You know what everyone one says to me when they find out I have 3 small children?  "Oh- you must be busy!"   Busy is a nice way to say it!  I would say crazy- but that is just me! :)

Here is a little snap shot of our day:

1. Get up and get the 2 older kids dress, fed, teeth brushed, and hair combed for school.  Our sweet daughter gets picked up at 8AM to go to preschool.
2. Do some homework with our older son while feeding the baby.  Our older son gets picked up at 9Am to go to school.
3. Women's bible study at 9:30 - 11:30. 
4. Our sweet daughter comes home at noon and we have lunch and play for a little bit.
5. We take a nap after lunch... baby did not want to take a nap... but I won and he feel asleep after 45 minutes!
6. After our older son comes home at 4PM we have some errands to run and pick up some things from the store. 
Not pictured: Doing the dishes, making dinner, folding laundry...oh- and did I mention we have our house for sale so, we have to keep it tip-top clean all the time.  Cleaning a house with 3 small children is like shoveling in a blizzard! 

Oh boy- I am tired just thinking about it! 

Do I want to deal with the fact that I have light bladder leaks all day while I am chasing after my 3 kids?  no- I do not!  And since I think there may be more of you out there that may be dealing with this issue too I am going to share how I choose to handle it. With Poise.  
Poise pads were created for women who deal with light bladder leaks.  A Poise pad last ALL DAY... one pad - all day.  It quickly wicks away the wetness and handles the oder.  They are 3 times drier then the leading maxi pad.  Poise also has the Thin-Flex design that moves with your body... so you can keep up with all your kids... or work out! They have 5 different absorbencies available, so you can find the one perfect for you! Poise handles the LBL so that you don't have to worry (or be embarrassed) about it!

I keep Poise pads in the bathroom and one in my purse so that I can handle my busy day! 

Poise pads are available at Walgreens and they have a $2 off coupon for you too!
(NOTE: this link becomes inactive after 2 click throughs, so you’ll need to be ready to print it when you first click on it.)

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