Sunday, November 24, 2013

A home tour of Fawnda's House

We finished a bunch of project this spring/summer.  So I thought I would show you some pictures our our house.  I don't have before pictures of everything...but I will show you the ones that I do have.

The living room: 


Hard to believe it is the same room.  We moved the toys out, got rid of A LOT of furniture, painted the walls (Sherwin-Williams popular gray)  and woodwork (White), and got the hardwood floor refinished.

The Kitchen:


We painted the walls (popular gray) and painted the cabinets white.

The Dinning room:
(no before pictures) 
We got rid of some furniture and also painted one of the walls (popular gray)  It is right off of the living room.  

The Master bedroom:
(No before pictures)
We painted, and added the bottom paneling.  We got new carpet.  We also added the plantain shutters on the windows.

The boy's room:
We didn't change much in here... mostly just moved furniture around.

The Girl's room:
No changes here. 

The Sun Room and backyard:
We rearranged our furniture out here and it added so much space!  We LOVE this room and spend as much time as we can during spring/summer/fall! 

Here is the front of our home.  
A few years ago we added a stall onto the garage (it only has a 1 car garage when we moved it).  At the same time we painted, added the front porch, and the stone to the house.  

It seems as if we are always working on our house some how... but right now we have all of our projects done...for now!

I hope you enjoyed a little look into our home.  We will be decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving so I will try to remember to show some pictures then.

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Marti said...

You have done an amazing amount of work on your house. It looks great. It must be nice to have it all finished so you can enjoy it during the holidays.

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